Famous Movie Moments and Comics Animated in 8-bit

Ah 8-bit, the block ridden, barely conspicuous medium that probably nobody would care about if it didn’t bring us the sweet nostalgia. For that reason alone, we shall remain hooked to the magic of 8-bit for a long time to come. Slovekian artist Dusan Cezek has created a set of 8-bit images that present some […]

Dad Animates Son In ‘Dragon Ball’ Theme For His Birthday

A man from Brazil spent six months in animating himself and his son into Dragon Ball for the son’s birthday. The animation replaces Vegeta, Trunks and Gohan with himself and his 9-year-old son. He also got the original Brazilian voice actors of Bulma and Goku into the animation, and to wish his son “Happy Birthday” […]

Villain Energy Drink

Just a couple of days ago we saw minimalist superhero energy drinks. As common sense tells us, superheroes cannot live in the world of energy drinks without their nemesis. Villain energy drinks by Mike Karolos follows his earlier concept of superhero energy drinks. Famous Marvel and DC characters grace these popular drinks, and the villains […]

Comic Explains Skimpy Female Armor

We have often ridiculed the skimpy armor females wear in games and comics. It is with no shame that we accept that the ridicule was totally uncalled for. As these comics by nebezial show, it is all science.

Red Bull Superhero Cans

Red Bull gives you wings, but it adds superhero powers to those wings. Well, usually. Sometimes you don’t get the power to fly, and you could end up as Batman (which would be awesome), or Aquaman (which would suck). In the latter case, you just accept your destiny because fate is cruel. Redbull Superheroes from […]

Batman Versus The Terminator [Animation]

Batman takes on The Terminator and fights off Skynet in this sweet animated fan film. For a basic overview of the plot, Batman survived the August ’97 nuclear attacks in the Batcave. It has been thirty years since that time, and he is now allied with John Conner to take out Skynet.

Black Milk Clothing’s Batman Inspired Line

We’ve had a glimpse of Black Milk Clothing’s Batman inspired lineup, and now the full set is out. It’s quite a collection. Check it out.

Poked to Death: Pokeball Death Star Shirt

Got to say, we approve of this Pokeball – Death Star mashup. Though looking at the image, we have to ask the all important question. Does it make her look fat? The geeky shirt is costs $24.

A Cartoony Imagination of Pokemon

Drawing Pokemon in cartoon style may sound redundant at first, but then there are several styles and schools of drawing to choose from. Here’s illustrator Piper Thibodeau‘s take on Pokemon, drawn in a very cartoon-like style.

Starfleet TOS Panties

Available in gold, red, and blue, the pack of three starfleet TOS panties has the Starfleet insignia on the left hip. Costs $30.

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