If You Can Afford a Ferrari, You Probably Can’t Afford a Ferrari Watch

You need to have deep pockets if you want to own a Ferrari, but you got to have deeper pockets to afford this Ferrari watch. It’s not entirely an exclusive set, but for a lot of people who could afford a supercar with the prancing horse marque, the $300,000 Hublot MP-05 LaFerrari watch is probably […]

Star Wars Collectors Watches

UK based designers Zeon have joined forces with Star Wars to come up with a collection of five timepieces for the famous franchise. The watches include Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, R2-D2, Stormtrooper and Boba Fett, all made with a clean interface and very clear design references. All timepieces are licensed and will come packaged in […]

King Arthur and His Knights Gather At The Fabled Roundtable To Tell Time

Excalibur Table Ronde watch by Roger Dubuis relives the legend of King Arthur and his knights on a round table. Only this time, the round table happens to be the face of a watch. The dial of the watch has an appearance similar to the Winchester Round Table. Twelve knights with their swords lifted towards […]

MB&F Shows the Horological Machine No. 5

Maximilian Büsser & Friends “MB&F” have come up with a brand new watch, the automobile inspired Horological Machine No.5. The timepiece seeks to mimic the look of the retro-styled automobiles, with its facing resembling the dials of cars, and the general shape itself following the automobile, accentuated by an exhaust at the rear of the […]

Mechanical Insects Made From Watch Parts and Light Bulbs

Chicago-based jeweler Justin Gershenson-Gates took a break from jewelry designing to create magnificent insect sculptures that bask in the anatomy of watch parts with a touching of light bulbs for effect. Justin started the set as a break from his usual work, and soon became interested enough to create more of these arthropods and insects. […]

Watch for Those Never on Time

Made especially for the wonderful people who tend to be late to well, everything, this watch simply does away with all the numbers, sending them away to a silent corner. To stay true to the feeling, the watch does incorporate the words “Whatever, I’m late Anyway.” Available here, and on Amazon.

Concept Imagines an Apple iwatch

We guess the iPod Nano did a pretty good job of settling in as a watch, but that doesn’t stop some people from hoping that Apple would come out with a full fledged watch one day. These renderings by Swedish designer Anders Kjellberg imagine what an iWatch might look like. The concept claims FaceTime capabilities, […]

You’re Lucky You Can See the Ninja Watch

Everybody knows Ninjas exist, but you can’t really see them unless they want you to. Stealth is the way of the ninja, even when they appear in a form so benign as a watch. Ninja Time Watch by Andy Kurovets shows the time stealthily, mimicking the face of a ninja with only the eyes visible. […]

Google Brings Out Watches

Google worked with Modify Watches to come up with a range of timepieces that their fans would adore. The watches all have simple looks and you could choose between three designs; Chrome, Android or a regular Google watch. The rather simplistically designed analog watches have interchangeable color bands. Priced at $60. Via Ubergizmo

2LMX Luxury Watch

Geneva based watch manufacturer 2LMX has come up with a new luxury watch by the same name. The watch displays time in a 24 hour format through a series of revolving drums. It has six rolling drums, 337 parts and 44 jewels and manually wound power reserve that can last about 120 hours. Each watch […]

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