Seiko Puts Star Wars Characters on a Watch, Takes The Price to The Stars

Seiko is coming up with limited edition Star Wars watches that put famous characters like Droids, Darth Vader, Darth Maul, Yoda and a Storm Trooper at the back of Seiko timepieces, with a tad of their personalities all over the watches. Now we’d expect a limited edition watch to be slightly expensive than its peers, […]

Nuclear Wristwatch Can Go On For 25 Years

Nuclear power is soon coming to your hands, or more specifically, your wrists. The nuclear watch houses a tiny nuclear reactor powered by ~100 quadrillion radioactive hydrogen atoms. It’s been declared safe by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, so we guess it’s okay to use it.

Watch Clock

It’s a watch, it’s a clock, and it’s a paradox because it sure as f*ck ain’t superman. Giant watches on the wall does sound kind of a good idea. Via ProductPage, Design-Milk

Numero 1 Watch

Spanish designer Oriol Llahona has come up with an interesting design in shape of the Numero 1 watch. Circumventing convention, width of the watch’s tiny snakeskin band is quite small as compared to very dominant and wide face. By way of comfort, tt might be a pain to deal with this watch but as far […]

Petal Concept Watch for the Ladies

Luna Concept watch appears to be quite a simple watch as compared to the traditional offerings from Tokyoflash. An entry into the design contest, the watch has been designed primarily for women. Australian designer Nigel designed the watch to be quirky, functional and something that would find appeal in young women. Time is displayed by […]

Concept Watch has a Liquid Piston Combo for Highlight

Vincent Perriard & Co’s HYT H1 concept watch has a very novel and interesting way to show time. As one piston expands and the other compresses, the bellows move the green Fluorescein liquid. Movement of this liquid works with pistons and gears to show the time. To be officially displayed at 2012 Baselworld, the watch […]

Lamborghini Aventador Inspired Avengers Tourbillon Watch

Lamborghini Aventador is one hell of a beast, and the Avengers seeks to bring the same aggressiveness and finesse to the wrist. That was quite a challenge, but designer Marko Petrovic seems to have done just fine. The concept watch uses the rare vertical tourbillon that should come in handy to save some space in […]

Keypad Watch is a Nifty Time Teller

Despite its looks falling strongly to the side of a calculator keypad, this little thingy wouldn’t add two and two. Click Keypad happens to be one of the latest offerings from Watchismo. The watch sports animated blink lights on each of its oversized buttons, which blink to tell time.

Mercedes Inspired 320 Concept Tourbillion Watch

Drawing inspiration from the classy and stylish 1937 Mercedes 320 Convertible, designer Marko Petrovic came up with this design study. Named 320 Concept Tourbillion watch after its inspiration, the watch goes all out on Mercedes style and appearance, with the star shining on top and a very speedometer-like face for the watch. You know, interesting […]

Hublot Recreates the Antikythera Mechanism For a Watch

The Antikythera mechanism is a wonder that has confounded scientists for a long time, displaying a technology so complex that was believed to be impossible for the world in 100 BC. While the original Antikythera was an ancient mechanical computer used to compute astronomical positions, Hublot’s effort is a painstakingly devised horological machine.

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