Start them young: Playset teaches kids to take care of a real car

The world offers a lot of lovely toys for children, and while we love the usual, the practical ones have a special place in our heart. This playset for example, is an engine repair set that encourages children to “fix” the engine. Tasks include various things like changing the oil, swapping the air filter, checking the dipstick, removing the spark plug, and of course, checking various nuts and bolts.

Childhood Travels to Adulthood With the Street Legal Little Tikes Car

Little Tikes Cozy Coupe has been a staple car for children for decades, and of course, several of us adults have memories of the little car. Little Tikes now has a sibling, a street legal car that resembles the famous toy car, but is fit to be driven on the road. The adult-sized version is called the Toytown Coupé and was built by Attitude Autos in the UK.

Star Wars Toys Take a Very Realistic Turn of Events

Putting skills of forced perspective to use, Finnish photographer and illustrator Vesa Lehtimäki aka Avanaut has a set of beautiful images where Star Wars reaches out for our planet. The photographer used toys for photography in the real world, and with a bit of perspective, actually managed to make them look like full scale objects out for action.

Artist Stitches Meat to Make Creepy Teddy Bear

chicken skin teddy bear by victor ivanov

Teddy Bears are meant to be cute, cuddly, and when you’re done with them, you friggin bite their heads off and call it a meal. Artist Victor Ivanov stitched together chicken skin to make the creepy teddy bear that for all intent could follow the path of Frankenstein’s monster. For its part, this is just a regular teddy bear, who got chicken skin sewed all over it for the freaky look. Although one could argue that this one looks fairly less creepy than the artist’s previous chicken skin teddy.

Get Serious About Thumb Wrestling With Battroborg Fighting Robots

We might be settling duels with thumb wrestling, but we need to get it done in most fun way possible. Taking inspiration from the good old fighting robots, the Omnibot Battroborg Fighting Robots play the same line, but on thumbs. The hand to hand combat robots are available in blue and red, each with its special moves and the ability to block attacks. Red robot is a master at uppercuts, the blue bot prefers jabs. If a robot manages to hit the other in the accurate spot, the nemesis is “knocked out” with its torso jumping off. Costs $37.

Hot Wheels Car Maker

Get creative with making your own Hot Wheels cars with this Hot Wheels Car Maker. Granted it’s no 3D printer, or perhaps a very crude version of one at a stretch, but this contraption allows you to have the joy of creating your own hot wheels cars. Turn on the press, melt down the wax and use the available molds to build a car of your choice. The molds offer vehicle shapes of hot rods and muscle cars. A choice of colors and decals and graphics that you can add to the car add further to personalizing your vehicle. Costs $40.

Via Amazon, Uncrate