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Little Tikes Cozy Coupe has been a staple car for children for decades, and of course, several of us adults have memories of the little car. Little Tikes now has a sibling, a street legal car that resembles the famous toy car, but is fit to be driven on the road. The adult-sized version is called the Toytown Coupé and was built by Attitude Autos in the UK.

Toytown Coupe started its life as a Daewoo Matiz, which obviously looks quite different than the little tike. Once the mechanics started working on it, the car took more of the tike shape, with a marked attention to colors and the build of the car. Like the toy car, this one has no windshield, but unlike the toy, it goes 70mph, seats two adults, and is completely street legal. The mechanics spent about 1000 hours and $6,600 in the making of Toytown Coupe.

Via Attitude Autos, BBC, cnet

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