Superbly Detailed Steampunk Inspired Sculptures

There was a time when Steampunk was super hot, and you could see all things Steampunk make rounds of the web. It may be past its prime for the moment, but Steampunk as art is here to stay. The sculptures here aren’t essentially Steampunk, though the influence is clear. Made by French sculptor Alain Bellino, the sculptures are often made by transforming old items into various shapes.

Massive Sea Serpent Skeleton on the Banks of a French River

People around the world talk of the mysterious monsters and creatures that are supposed to be inhabiting lakes and water bodies. Of course they remain elusive to the eye, like the famed Loch Ness monster, but there is little to deny existence of one when its skeleton shows up near a river. Well, it is an art installation, but we guess it is cool to pretend for a while that it isn’t.

Three Dimensional Paper Hummingbird Sculptures

Paper Hummingbird Sculptures by Cheong-ah Hwang

Artist Cheong-ah Hwang (previously here and recently on Randommization Facebook page) has a skill of creating lovely three dimensional paper sculptures. The artist creates the sculptures covering a large variety of subjects, going from fairy tales to popular culture icons, or her imagination. The set here shows the artist’s sculptures of hummingbirds. Hwang starts with a sketch, and paper is then cut, sculpt and assembled to take the desired look.

Star Wars Characters As Real World People

famous people as star wars characters by Michael Leavitt

Had Star Wars taken place on our Earth rather than in a galaxy far, far away, we could imagine several of the characters as being personalities from Earth. Artist Michael Leavitt mashed up Star Wars characters with famous people of earth to create a series of wooden sculptures that seems to be pretty spot on, for the most part. The sculptures are currently on display at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery in New York City.

Super Realistic Octopus Sculpture Embedded in Layers of Resin

realistic 3d octopus sculpture in resin

Artist Keng Lye paints super realistic, life-like three dimensional “paintings” that are as realistic as things can get. The artist starts of with layers of resin that are meticulously painted one on top of the other. Eventually, the meticulous process sees the emergence of very realistic sculptures that are stunning, to say the least. The technique is best known for its use by artist Riusuke Fukahori in Goldfish Salvation.

Huge Human Organs Made Out of Glass

human organs made out of glass

These huge human organs made out of glass ask onlookers to have a huge heart, and be more thoughtful while they’re at it. A collaboration between designer Sigga Heimis and GlassLab who helped in prototyping and creating the organs, they are currently being displayed at an exhibition atDesigngalleriet in Stockholm, Sweden. The visual imagery presented by the colorfully crafted organs is strong, and so is the purpose. The idea is to bring more awareness to organ donation.

Japanese Ogre God ‘Nikne-Kamuy’ Sculpture by Takayuki Takeya

Nikne-Kamuy, or the Japanese Ogre God sculpture by artist Takayuki Takeya (previously) is rooted in ancient Japanese history and myths from folklore. The name of the sculpture is derived from the Ainu language. Ainu are an indigenous group living in the north of Japan, and have there own language and culture, with roots probably going as deep as the pre-historic Jomon-era Japan.