Ducati Monster 821

Ducati may have taken a minimal design approach to the 2015 Monster 821, but that approach is limited to the motorcycle’s looks. Power has nothing to do with minimalism where the Monster is concerned. The Ducati Monster 821 comes powered with a 112 hp, 821cc twin cylinder Testrastretta engine that does justice to the Monster […]

Lauge Jensen x Henrik Fisker Viking Motorcycle

Henrik Fisker is well known for prowess in automobile design, perhaps the best known being the Fisker Karma. Here’s a new feather for the cap in the shape of Henrik Fisker Viking Motorcycle. The Viking is currently a concept, though Lauge Jensen are considering setting it up for production.

There is Nothing Impressive About This Motorcycle, Until You See it in Action

By its looks, this looks like a ragtag motorcycle that simply cannot be much good. Then you see it in action, and be impressed! The motorcycle seems to be named “ATV Suitcase” and as we see in the video, is light weight enough for the dude to pick it up with relative ease.

1966 Little Honda P25 by Chicara Nagata

Japanese motorcycle builder and artist Chicara Nagata (previously) is well known for his skill. His latest project is the 1966 Honda P25 that is now a stunning beauty worthy of some futuristic looks, despite its actual age.

Lotus C-01 Motorcycle

Lotus is going the way of the motorcycle. And if this concept is any indication, they are doing it right. The recently unveiled Lotus C-01 is a concept from designer Daniel Simon, and includes quite a bit of the sci-fi and strong appearance you would expect the designer of the light cycles from Tron: Legacy […]

The Scrambler Motorcycle

The Scrambler is a custom motorcycle built off a Kawasaki W800 by Italian builders Moto Di Ferro. The conversion involved stripping the Kawasaki down to its basics, given a smaller tank, off-road tires, and a brand new custom leather seat. The overall effect puts the Scrambler in quite a lean, mean look.

MV Augusta Brutale Dragster 800

MV Augusta have unveiled a brand new motorcycle, the Brutale Dragster 800. The motorcycle is powered by a 3 cylinder 125 hp engine, wider rear tire, shorter tail, and an updated front mudguard. Starting in the middle of the year, it will be available in gray and white.

Skeleton Motorcycle Helmet

Be a badass on wheels when you wear a skeleton for a helmet. It’s bright red and way too shiny, but you could probably make do with one until you can get your hands on something that looks like the real deal. Available on Amazon.

Kawasaki J Concept Is a Bike That Means Business

Kawasaki has gone all futuristic with its new concept bike, simply named J. Independent designers have long been cooking up concepts like these, but this is probably the first time a major manufacturer has lent weight to the futuristic idea. Kawasaki J Concept has three wheels, two at the front and one big wheel at […]

Bike Paintings Made With Ink and Chopsticks

Motorcycle art by Endo Makoto is geared straight towards bike lovers. The appearance of the paintings is decidedly affected by the use of chopsticks as painting tools. Endo usually works on 6 feet by 4 feet canvas. Painting starts with drawing an outline, followed by splashing paint on the canvas that is then spread by […]

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