Scary Neon Skull Lights

Neon Skull Lights by artist Eric Franklin are one of those scary things that keeps you looking at them with rapt attention. You might be creeped out, but you somehow can’t bring yourself to look away from the spectacle. Or that’s how they put such things in a couple of not-so-good books I have read. As far as I’m concerned, these lamps are fabulous. It is a set of three skulls, lit up internally through ionized neon, krypton, and mercury. The skulls themselves are made using an intricate network of glass tubes sealed masterfully to create a vacuum.

Human Shaped Floor Lamps

Gone are the good old days when you could keep humans as objects. You know, like the kind who stand in the background holding a lamp or serving their feudal lord without as much as being perceived or acknowledged. To those nostalgic for the old times, the Embarakiya lamps can provide some relief. Sadly they won’t work exactly as human minions, but you could find some solace in the humanoid shape of these floor lamps, plus the human sounds they utter through a speaker built into their torso.

Chocolate Lamp Spreads The Illumination of Taste

Chocolate lamp by Alexander Lervik is built up on the concept of light versus dark, which we thinks works very well with the mix of an electric bulb covered in a lamp shade of chocolate. It’s a light that gives no light at all, until the heat from the bulb starts to thaw the chocolate that slowly melts and moves to the container at the bottom, while the melting chocolate exposes the bulb that shines through.

DSRL Lens Pendant Lamp

Going beyond the DSLR, or maybe around the DSLR, Etsy seller Sandra Díaz has this DSRL lamp that is shaped much like a camera lens. The pendant lamp is a replica of a reflex camera lens and happens to be handmade out of cedar wood with water-based varnish and beewax finish. All the camera lens appearance probably also shows itself in the price; for the $670 tag does make it pretty expensive.