Designer Lamps Shine Submerged

Classic lightbulbs don’t mix with water, but they sure would look super cool if these images by AuraDesign are anything to go by. The Czech design studio has come up with a lightbulb named Edie, which is supposed to work when submerged. The idea of Edie is to mix two very important, but still separate […]

Tetris Stackable Desk Lamp

We’d get our hands on this just to play a faux game of Tetris. The pieces light up when stacked together and switch off when separated. It includes seven pieces that can be stacked in any order. Costs $33.

Old Car Parts Transformed Into Neat Lamps

Endowed with enough style to make gearheads happy, these lamps by Deron Dixon have their roots in old car parts. Various parts come together to create the base for the lamp, from which projects a stem to hold the shade and bulb. Deron says it’s a process of trial and error, where the best laid […]

Cute Baby Panda Night Light

A cute panda and a night lamp mixed in one, this lamp has everything going for it. Costs $17. via

Eye of Sauron Desk Lamp

A desk lamp that will look at your every move with an unblinking eye, maybe see your passwords and the things you do on your computer. Yep, that’s about it, it watches everything. Costs a ton for a lamp though, at $300.

DIY Boba Fett Helmet Lamp Is Made To Impress

This DIY Boba Fett helmet lamp is the work of Major League Mods, who were kind enough to put a guide up on Instructables should you wish to make one for your own.

Iron Man Arm Lamp

Tony Stark might have plenty of use for his repulsors, but even he will have to admit they make pretty good lamps. Here’s the proof in the form of a lamp by Sergio Oliveira. The lamp is not made to look brand new, but it has the appearance of one that has been in battle, […]

Octopus Chandelier

In the wondrous world of design, tentacle-goodness can abound if you have a taste for it. Artist and sculptor Adam Wallacavage created this set of handmade Octopus Chandeliers that come in various shapes, sizes and colors akin to the masters of disguise that form their inspiration.

Scary Neon Skull Lights

Neon Skull Lights by artist Eric Franklin are one of those scary things that keeps you looking at them with rapt attention. You might be creeped out, but you somehow can’t bring yourself to look away from the spectacle. Or that’s how they put such things in a couple of not-so-good books I have read. […]

Human Shaped Floor Lamps

Gone are the good old days when you could keep humans as objects. You know, like the kind who stand in the background holding a lamp or serving their feudal lord without as much as being perceived or acknowledged. To those nostalgic for the old times, the Embarakiya lamps can provide some relief. Sadly they […]