Chandeliers Made With Real Dandelions

Amsterdam based Studio Drift has created a collection of chandeliers that would be simply defined as very fragile, and so very cool. The collection is titled Fragile Future and features chandeliers made from bronze structures, LED lights and real dandelions.

Vintage-Style Lamp Made From Reclaimed Materials

Vintage themed lamps and objects that artist Cory Barkman (previously) creates, come from a very elaborate process. The stunning design and the beautiful appearance are of course, a big part of the job, but the story of materials used in making these lamps is impressive in itself. Most of the objects used in the construction […]

Super Mario Bros Pipe Lamp

Running through pipes is a passion for Mario, and comes in the list of his most favorite things to do after brutally crushing goombas, doing shrooms, saving Princess Peach and throwing Bowser into pits of lava after destroying a bridge. Now we think this lamp intends to celebrate one of the less destructive passions of […]

CMYK Bulb Spreads The Colors

CMYK bulb by designer Dennis Parren has a penchant for casting colorful shadows. It has one main a main bulb for the usual lighting purpose, and colored LEDs in red, green and blue on its back that cast shadows in cyan, magenta and yellow. While that setting alone could be quite the killer, the lamp […]

Designer Lamps Shine Submerged

Classic lightbulbs don’t mix with water, but they sure would look super cool if these images by AuraDesign are anything to go by. The Czech design studio has come up with a lightbulb named Edie, which is supposed to work when submerged. The idea of Edie is to mix two very important, but still separate […]

Tetris Stackable Desk Lamp

We’d get our hands on this just to play a faux game of Tetris. The pieces light up when stacked together and switch off when separated. It includes seven pieces that can be stacked in any order. Costs $33.

Old Car Parts Transformed Into Neat Lamps

Endowed with enough style to make gearheads happy, these lamps by Deron Dixon have their roots in old car parts. Various parts come together to create the base for the lamp, from which projects a stem to hold the shade and bulb. Deron says it’s a process of trial and error, where the best laid […]

Cute Baby Panda Night Light

A cute panda and a night lamp mixed in one, this lamp has everything going for it. Costs $17. via

Eye of Sauron Desk Lamp

A desk lamp that will look at your every move with an unblinking eye, maybe see your passwords and the things you do on your computer. Yep, that’s about it, it watches everything. Costs a ton for a lamp though, at $300.

DIY Boba Fett Helmet Lamp Is Made To Impress

This DIY Boba Fett helmet lamp is the work of Major League Mods, who were kind enough to put a guide up on Instructables should you wish to make one for your own.