Snap Case Makes A Camera Out of The iPhone

There are quite a few cases that would give the iPhone a camera look, but it is the extra mile you intend to go, the Snap! case may have something for you. The case has three parts, a metallic top, a black lower part and a fake lens to complete the appearance. As the renderings go, the case does appear to give a nice camera look to the iPhone. It is just a concept at the moment though, with no definite word on production.

iPhone Cases Made From Recycled Plastics and Agricultural Waste

If you are out looking for a new iPhone cases, give a thought to the ReCase from Miniwiz. The cases are made entirely from recycled agricultural waste and post consumer plastic. Agricultural bi-product in question are rice husks, which are then combined with plastics to form POLLIBER. Apart from holding the iPhone safe, ReCases have space to carry credit cards and an RFID card, that you may use to find the phone in case you misplace it.

Via TreeHugger

Wood Camera iPhone Case

The iPhone itself is a pretty decent camera for casual use, but if you do need to show your love for photography, the Wood Camera iPhone Case has you covered. The cases are available in walnut and bamboo, and have the unmistakable look of the old-school camera. Also, the engravings look pretty nicely done, so all is fine, even though it might be b*tch to clean those things later. Costs $42.

Mobile Phone Case Gives You Extra Large Ears

Ear Case does very much look like a fun iPhone case to have, and you kind of get gigantic ears free with this one. The case is made of silicone rubber and is in the shape of a large ear so we guess it is more of a fun-type thing rather than a regular case you would carry along. Additionally, the absence of a hole for the phone’s camera and the unwittingly large size do really make this thing more like something you would play around with for fun, rather than one you carry around all day. The case will be up soon with a retail price of ~$21.

Via NewLaunches