Rule Smarter On the Iron Throne Bean Bag

Having seen people vie and die to sit on the Iron Throne in Game of Thrones, we think the king ought to know better. The Iron Throne is one uncomfortable, if not downright dangerous place to sit on. Aegon Targaryen wanted it that way, and well, the others just followed suit. It might be possible, that had their asses been comfortably placed on the throne, the kings would be more compassionate, and Westeros a better place.

LED Tetris Tie

Life gets an upgrade just like this tie when monotonous situations can be changed into bright and playful times. For starters, it looks just like a regular tie, but you can get it running as and when you please, and it turns into an arcade for Tetris. The system plays the game all by itself, which should explain the lack of controls. But hey, this is a DIY tie and if you get around to making one, you probably might be able to throw in some controllers as well.

DIY Thor Hammer Has a 80,000 Volts Punch

We have checked from several sources, and it has been confirmed that this is the right way to roll. Provided, the right way to roll means sticking it to the god of thunder by getting yourself a Mjolnir replica that packs 80000 Volts of punch. Hack a Day’s Caleb Kraft has a full guide to building one should you be inclined that way. At the very basic level, this is a tesla coil packed packed with some foam and battery packs into a hammer-like housing.

Romance Pants Set The Mood As You Move

Going the DIY route to romance, these pants intend to help the mood along the way. Romance Pants from Team Instructables are all about the love. It was first on display at the Red Bull Creation Contest, and then made it to the Maker Faire New York as well. Long story short, the belt buckle is a modded wireless shield, the zipper is a potentiometer and the waist button has a switch. Pulling down the zipper dims the light and increases volume on the stereo, and undoing the waist button automatically lights the candles. That’s about the time to get in action.

Excellent Medieval Helmet is Good For War, Better For Two Flagons of Mead

Displaying some excellent functional use, this medieval helmet has a pair of flagons strapped on. We imagine a group of soldiers walking through the forest, with easy access to chugging some beer whenever they feel like. That gentlemen, is the picture of a happy army. Here’s the tutorial, if you’d like to make one for yourself. Someone, do this with Viking helmets too, pronto.