Tiny Rockets Built Out of Matchbooks

If there’s a fan club for Match Rockets, count us in. All they need is matches, a bit of wire, and a foil gum wrapper, and they return the favor with a whole lot of fun. Steve Hoefer has a nice video explaining how it all works. Via Make

Mother of All DIYs: Man Makes His Own MicroHydel Power Plant

Oh yes, this really is pushing DIY to the max. Manfred Mornhinweg made use of a stream near his home, to generate power for his place. Building his own microhydro plant required thousands of hours of hardwork for digging and placing the pipes, not to mention the extreme skill required for doing the technical evaluations, […]

Man Builds Himself an Iron Man Suit From Cardboard and Fiberglass

Perhaps not nearly as good as Tony Stark’s skill in a cave, but Mark Pearson’s Iron Man suit does deserve applause from us mortals. Pearson is a repairman by profession and has a love for comic books. It is that interest that drove him to build a replica of the Iron Man suit.

9 Year Old Makes Himself an Arcade

A nine year old from Los Angeles, Caine is already well set on the noble path of DIY. Checkout the video to see the kid make his own arcade out of cardboard boxes; it is super impressive. Via Kottke

Super Mario Bathroom

Liatte is a lawyer, an aspiring Lego artist, and from what it seems, a mushroom kingdom style bathroom decorator par excellence. Not happy with the clearly not-so-enticing looks of the bathroom, Liatte decided to give it an overhaul.

Get More Angry Birds Action With a Slinghshot

Countless hours have been sacrificed upon the altar of Angry Birds. And it continues to go on. Lately though, it all seems to have run out of steam but things could get better by adding some spice to the mix; like using an actual slingshot to fire those birds and beat the crap out of […]

VW Micro Bus Bunk Bend and Playhouse

Gentlemen, it is time to dawn your DIY hats and make your kids proud. While at it, you will also get to re-live the 70s and probably impart some in-house hippy training. In all fairness, this VW Micro-Bus bunk bed is pretty damn cool and the added playhouse makes it way more cooler. Now if […]

Skyrim Inspired Dragon Backpack

My fellow gamers, this is our cue to drool. Bob Basset, the Ukrainian guy we see here likely made use of his vision to see the future. There, his wise soul saw the elder scrolls and he set on making this superb dragon bag, even before Skyrim was released. We especially like the touch of […]

Man Goes DIY on Cubicle, Comes up With a Gem

This guy probably has thee coolest cubicle at work. But being a time lord does need some skill, like DeviantART member deezoid who made his office cubicle feel bigger on the inside. Via Neatorama

DIY Privacy Monitor Reveals Its Secrets Only to You

You can’t really be yourself with people standing over your shoulder, peering at the computer screen, looking at whatever is on there. It may not be pr0n on the screen, but it sure is uncomfortable to have someone else looking at the screen.

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