Mother of All DIYs: Man Makes His Own MicroHydel Power Plant

Oh yes, this really is pushing DIY to the max. Manfred Mornhinweg made use of a stream near his home, to generate power for his place. Building his own microhydro plant required thousands of hours of hardwork for digging and placing the pipes, not to mention the extreme skill required for doing the technical evaluations, getting all equipment in place, and also inventing a few things to get things going along.

VW Micro Bus Bunk Bend and Playhouse

Gentlemen, it is time to dawn your DIY hats and make your kids proud. While at it, you will also get to re-live the 70s and probably impart some in-house hippy training. In all fairness, this VW Micro-Bus bunk bed is pretty damn cool and the added playhouse makes it way more cooler. Now if you are ready with your DIY arms, head on to Instructables and take a look at the project.