Story, The Levitating Clock

I’ve always found it interesting how the simple clock can be marvelously complex. Even for a generic timepiece, a whole lot of skill goes into fitting those cogs and gears just right. At its face, Story is quite simple and minimalist, consisting simply of a wooden base and a metallic sphere. But getting the sphere to levitate on the face of the clock is where the magic happens.

Fully Functional Watches Carved Entirely Out of Wood

A master woodworker and carpenter, Valerii Danevych has the skill in his blood. Coming from a long line of cabinet workers, Danevych certainly would be comfortable around lumber. He felt a need to challenge himself and push his skill, to that end he started studying watchmaking. Starting with his first watch in 2005, Danevych completed it after three years, with the result being a completely functional watch made solely out of wood.

Cat and Mouse Automaton Clock

Parmigiani is playing the age old cat and mouse game with this clock. The cat is trying its best to get hold of the mouse, and the presumably clever mouse is running for its life. Sadly for the cat, there is no catching this mouse. The cat moves in a one hour circuit, while the mouse continuously runs away from it. Should the cat and mouse end up in the same position, the mouse leaps away to escape the clutches of the cat.

Good Morning Clock Wakes you up the Classy Way

Rather than waking you up with monotonous, irritating sounds, the Good Morning Clock greets you with the voice of Stephen Fry. Not just weird sounds, but classy greetings to wake you up. It has up to 120 sounds, each with phrases like “The world has been very anxious to hear from you for the last eight hours. Shall I inform the news agencies you’re about to rise, Sir?” Sounds classy, right? And way better than what those run of the mill alarm clocks have to offer. Costs $70.