Dead Rodents Rule the Board of Taxidermy Chess Set

It’s a war between brown and white mice, and technically speaking, none of them have survived. They would however, be in eternal war as pieces of a chess set. The taxidermy chess set is the work of Rachael Garcia, featuring white and brown mice as the opposing sides. The mice were sourced from a captive […]

Once Upon a Time, Chess Pawns Had Names

Chess has a long history, and obviously has undergone several changes in more than a millennium of existence. During one of these times, chess pawns weren’t so ignored pieces on the board, speaking in terms of names. While other pieces get flashy names and ranks, for the casual observer, pawns are little more than slow […]

Portraits Show The Human in Chess Pieces

Chess is one of the oldest board games in existence and has a good share of imagination. Something that touches up the imagination should be even more interesting, like the moving, animated pieces in the Harry Potter movie. Italian photographer Francesco Ridolfi stepped up on the imagination and gave Chess pieces the very human forms […]

Lord of the Rings Chess Posters

Artist Patrick Connan made movie posters for all three of the Lord of the Rings movies. Only, he used chess pieces as artwork for the posters and to get the idea across. At first look, the idea is a long shot, but a look at the posters and you realize the chess analogy fits like […]

Batman Chess Set

Characters from the Batman universe come together in the battlefield of chess in this set. Batman’s got Robin, Batgirl and Gordon on his side, while the opposition has his nemesis in Joker, Catwoman, Riddler and Penguin. As you’d guess, all those characters don’t come cheap. The chess set costs a sweet $795 to own. Via […]

Street Fighter Chess Set

Street Fighter is turning 25 in a couple of months, and that happens to be making us feel really, really old. But look, here’s the good part, they’re coming up with a Street Fighter themed chess set to commemorate the occasion. One of the many memorabilia that will roll out, we’re sure.

Nixie Tube Chess

Nixie Tubes should be something of a universal symbol of cool, because they have the unlikely habit of making everything look way better than it actually is. The chess set has ’80s era nixie tubes with scientific symbols on top of them, which become very well usable for marking pieces as well.

Wine Glass Chess Set

Everybody is a winner with the wine glass chess set. We guess a player has to drink whichever piece gets taken out, and then drink from all remaining pieces on the board after the game. Actually, that is the only way this game can be played, and it probably works better with shots. Wine Glass […]

Chess Set is a Cityscape Unto Itself

Commissioned by Tiffany & Co, architect Frank Gehry created this wondrous chess set whose pieces mimic a cityscape sculpted by the architect. Gehry drew inspiration from the pieces and their roles, gave them a touch of his architectural genius and created this lovely, funky chess set where each piece has a role to play, not […]

Battle of Wits on the Vertical Chess Set

A game of chess tends to take a long time. For some people, it is days or even months. This wall mounted chess set will presumably allow games to go on for an indefinite time. Since the game stays out of the way, it is quite unlikely to be knocked over, and sits prepared to […]

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