True Detective in Hardy Boys Makeover and Book Covers

HBO’s crime drama True Detective has proved itself a success, and gained quite a following. Art inspired by Detective Rustin Spencer “Rust” Cohle and Detective Martin Eric “Marty” Hart, the protagonists of the show, was simply expected to follow. In this series, artist Todd Spence imagines True Detective characters as covers for Hardy Boys books. Yup, the detectives make quite a match to Hardy Boys, except all the ass.

Amazing, Little Known Creatures That Live On Our Planet

Animal Earth by Ross Piper
Sea Slug Chromodoris Annulata

Our earth is home to millions of species, yet most of us only know a few, often overlooking some very fascinating some very fascinating species that cohabit this planet with us. Ross Piper through his book Animal Earth seeks to bring attention to the several species that the author feels do not get the attention they deserve. In the views of Piper, humans have so far cataloged about 1.5 million different species, yet there may be more than 200 million still waiting to be discovered.

Photographs of The World’s Most Exquisite Libraries

Libraries pictured in our minds are somewhat simple, orthodox rooms with books lining up shelves and a few people scattered and reading in silence. While that description would be generally true, libraries can also be architecturally and aesthetically pleasing structures that house a wealth of human knowledge. In the book The Library: A World History, James W. P. Campbell and Will Pryce take a look at the history and development of libraries through civilization. A huge attraction of the book happens to be these magnificent photographs of libraries by Will Pryce.

My Name is Katniss Everdeen. I sighed. Nothing Happened.

hunger games twilight harry potter

The phrases that make the headline happen to be the most used in three popular young-adult series, Hunger Games, Twilight and Harry Potter, in order. An analysis by Ben Blatt of Slate runs through the favorite adjectives, adverbs and the way to start off a sentence for each author. Me on the other hand, being a superficial idiot, find it hilarious to put their sentences together and laugh at the nonsense that ensues. Here’s more: “I don’t know. He sighed. Harry looked around.” and “I shake my head. I shrugged. Harry stared.” 10x points for visualizing the characters saying these lines in a very cheesy setting.

Non-Erotic Manual of Couple’s ‘Married Kamasutra’

A hilarious commentary on life after marriage, the ‘Married Kamasutra’ is a non-erotic guide to life after marriage. It’s mostly the illustrations in an Indian style that do the trick, while the commentary on non-existent positions adds to the hilarity of the situations depicted. The book by Simon Rich and Farley Katz is available on Amazon.

Surreal Illustrations for the Horror Novella Black Labyrinth Book II

Black Labyrinth Book II

Black Labyrinth Book II by Joe R. Lansdale is rooted in psychological horror that focuses on the conflict and tensions of the mind and the battle to overcome the horror within. To carry along the theme of horror, the book will feature surreal illustrations from artist Santiago Caruso, an artist who is masterful enough to bring the horror of the book alive with his illustrations.