Unflattering Descriptions of Video Games

If you start stripping things down, they start getting ridiculous. It’s especially true for video games which tend to be ridiculous at the core.

Super Mario Version of the NYC Subway Map

Super Mario New York City subway map takes a detailed enough look at the NYC subway, while staying true to the world of Mario. Comparing subways with pipes, you could see exactly how much Mario would love the idea, though he’d probably be shocked at how clogged NYC’s travel pipes are, as compared to the […]

Play Station 4 Wears NES Clothes

So some enterprising person modded the livery of their PlayStation 4 to the NES. via

Nintendo Cartridge Flasks

Few things can match our addiction to the classic 8-bit games of Nintendo. While the games themselves might not be around with the same fanfare that they once used to be, we can still take a sip of the nostalgia, and make it better by tinging it with alcohol. Entertainment Flasks are styled like the […]

For New Gymkhana Video, Ken Block Does a Videogame-like Course

Showing a fresh serving of his skills, Ken Block has another Gymkhana video up. For this course, he drives his 650 horsepower Ford Fiesta through a course that looks a wee bit like a video game race track. The association is easier to understand, considering the video was made in collaboration with EA’s Need for […]

Super Mario 3D World Gameplay Video

Running for six minutes, the video here gives a good, exhaustive look at the gameplay in the upcoming Super Mario 3D World game. We’ve got to say, it looks fun.

If Apps Were Pokemon

Here’s a nice little play on what your favorite apps would be like if they were Pokemon.

Videogames Versus Real Life

Hilarious comic on the differences between video games and the colorless world of real life. Hit ahead for the full version.

Batman’s Tumbler Made From Busted PlayStation 2s

The great workhorse that it is, even the Play Station 2 must give up sometime. When it does, you just might recycle it into something to continue with its glorious past. Daniel Shankalonian was handed two busted PlayStation 2s, and he proceeded to transform them into a Batman Tumbler sculpture. It is 9.5 inches long, […]

Zelda Fan Film’s Got Promise [video]

Hylian Heroics: The Lost Woods is a fan made webseries inspired by the Legend of Zelda. The one above is episode two, hit ahead for the first episode, following the first that came out a couple of years ago. Via cnet

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