Realistic Creatures From Legend of Zelda

Creatures of Zelda just got real in the art of Nate Hallinan. You haven’t known a fear of spiders until you see Skulltula in its realistic look.

Disney Princesses as World of Warcraft Characters

Disney Princesses really know how to stay in the limelight, mostly thanks to the large number of fan art and iterations that we get to see. For the latest one, here are Disney princesses dressed up as World of Warcraft characters in illustrations by LiberLibelula.

Shots Arranged As Mario For Video Game Themed Party

This is a great way to arrange shots if you’re going to have a video game themed party. According to reddit user wickstone, the party was arranged by his best friend, who apparently as a good host decided to arrange shots in the shape of Mario. He posted another image, showing the glasses go out […]

Mario Warfare – Part 6

The latest installment in the Mario Warfare series has shown up quicker than the usual. This time, they take the war to Bowser.

Scumbag Chun-Li, Troll Blanka [videos]

YouTube channel ParodiePub has created videos featuring several Street Fighter characters, most notably Chun-Li and Blanka. Hit ahead to see another video of Chun-Li being a scumbag, and a few of Blanka being a troll and making everyone’s life miserable.

Prices For Video Game Consoles If They Were Launched Today

This image from Auir2blaze is a list of inflation adjusted costs of several gaming consoles, if they were to reach the market today. It is quite an interesting list, pitting up the cost of the console on launch, versus what its cost would be today, adjusted for inflation. Notably enough, all costs fall quite in […]

Gun From Call of Duty: Ghosts Gets a Lego Replica

The gun in the video is a 9mm MP-443 Grach, used quite commonly in the game Call of Duty: Ghosts. Now this is a scale replica of the Russian made semi-automatic weapon, built all in Lego. The detailing itself is masterful, with several elements taken care of. What sets it apart is that the gun […]

Mario Warfare – Part 5

In the fifth installment of Mario Warfare, Peach gets her army of video game heroes ready, and onwards they march to Bowser. While the last one referenced Fight Club, this one gives a nod to Lord of the Rings.

NES Style Decals for PS4 and Xbox One

Not so long ago, we saw a Play Station 4 wearing the good old NES costume. Well, now the skins are available commercially, and for both the Xbox One and the PS4. NES decals for PS4 and XboxOne are priced at $30 each.

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