Video Shows Off Every NES Title Screen, Makes It In 3 Hours

The video claims to cover every single Nintendo start screen in alphabetical order. It covers them all in nearly three hours, taking the viewer on quite a trip. A small chance exists that the list may not be 100% complete, given the sheer number and volume, though we’re inclined to believe they are all there. If you have the patience, run through the three hours of start screens, or maybe just watch some random spots (like we did).


Prices For Video Game Consoles If They Were Launched Today

This image from Auir2blaze is a list of inflation adjusted costs of several gaming consoles, if they were to reach the market today. It is quite an interesting list, pitting up the cost of the console on launch, versus what its cost would be today, adjusted for inflation. Notably enough, all costs fall quite in a similar range. The creator of the graphic says that the costs are based only on inflation and do not take into account other factors like average earnings, median income and buying power.

Gun From Call of Duty: Ghosts Gets a Lego Replica

The gun in the video is a 9mm MP-443 Grach, used quite commonly in the game Call of Duty: Ghosts. Now this is a scale replica of the Russian made semi-automatic weapon, built all in Lego. The detailing itself is masterful, with several elements taken care of. What sets it apart is that the gun is fairly “functional.” It doesn’t shoot, which is a bummer, but the pistol does have details like a removable clip and slide action to match the gun.

Via Zazi Nombies