Sliding Door Opens and Closes Like Sheets of Paper

Evolution door by Austrian designer Klemens Torggler is a slider that opens and closes quite spectacularly, almost behaving like a sheet of paper. On a slight touch, the four paneled Evolution door behaves like the shrinking violet/mimosa and quietly shuts or opens up. The door is based on the concept of rotating squares so it […]

Pixar Themed Nike Shoes

Wonderful Pixar themed Nike shoe designs by Rachael Loraine. As wisdom says, all good things in life are illegal, married, or just concepts. These belong to the last category.


Unicorns as shoe heels do quiet have the potential to make this a shoe of choice. Shoenicorn Chasers you see here are apparently a teaser out of the spring/summer collection of footwear brand Irregular Choice. Via Spindle, BoingBoing

Skull Chair Has a Soulmate in the Brain Ottoman

Skulls go exceptionally well with brains, which is the reason I always prefer to keep my brain firmly in the skull. Sometimes it is a little too tight, but mostly, I’m okay. This love affair of skull and brain has taken the next step where they’re together as furniture. Artist/designer Vladi Rapaport has crafted a […]

Mask Analog Watch Hides Numbers, Because Numbers are ‘Disgusting’

Mask rotary watch has two layers, one masking the hour numbers except the relevant one, and the other doing the same for minutes. All other numbers remain hidden under the layers and give the watch a cool minimalist look. Interestingly enough, designer Filip Slováček mentions that all the “disgusting numbers” stay hidden. Although wearing our […]

Champagne Glass Table Lamps For a Swig of Light

Contrary to its appearance of sitting above the stem of a champagne glass, the lamp is almost anticlimactically named People Lamp. Designed by Pedro Mendes, the lamp has a clear champagne glass like stem, topped by a touch of color around the switch and the bulb holder. Priced at €64.67 (~$88).

Knitted Crochet Lamp Shades

Designed by Ariel Zuckerman in collaboration with Oded Sapir, the knitted crochet lamp shades create a three dimensional sheet of fabric that serves as a light fixture. The lamp shades are made in a mix of industrial knitting and hand crochet and fit onto rigid structures so they can keep their shape.

Toyota FT-1 Concept Car

Toyota FT-1 concept car takes departure from the cars Toyota has recently been making. Blandness of the usual Toyota cars makes way for an aggressive, stylish look with this concept. Several regard this concept as a spiritual successor to the good old Toyota Supra, and if that really be the case, FT-1 needs to stop […]

Small House Can Move On Its Own Wheels

The Tiny Project is a house on wheels built by web designer Alek Lisefski. The house measures 8 feet by 20 feet, and for the most part intends to be a dwelling that has a low environment footprint, and is incredibly efficient.

Rainy Pots Continuously Shower Love on Indoor Plants

Rainy Pots have a job better than just sitting there looking pretty. Rainy Pots of course include a planter, and on top of them is a rain cloud like addition that slowly pours drops of water into the planter. The idea is to “simulate” falling rain, and educate children about the ecosystem, the being pretty […]

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