Superhero Watercolor Prints

You have to love these beautiful superhero watercolor prints by artist Blule. They seem to be done in both ease, and excellent form. For a medium as simple as watercolor, these prints are pretty hardcore.

Vintage Photographs of the ‘Five Stages of Drunkenness’

Presented with photographs of some drunk dude, our first reaction would be a simple meh. But dude… this stuff is vintage and that changes everything! On the plus side, the drunk gentleman plays his role quite convincingly. The photographs were taken by Sydney based photographer Charles Percy Pickering sometime between 1863 and 1868.

Shark Fin Life Jacked for Dogs

Take your dog surfing with you, and dress it up in this cute shark fin life jacket. Paint it in shark colors, and pretend you’re a complete badass frolicking in the water with sharks. On a more pragmatic note, the fin can be used to grab your dog while they’re out swimming, and the jacket […]

Knitted Food

Artist Jessica Dance has a series of very appetizing looking inedible foods. Knitted Food is quite well detailed to follow the sumptuous appearance of the edible depicted, and photographs by David Sykes, makes it look all the more appetizing. I know the result, but if I ever got the chance to, I might just try […]

Unconventional Vehicles: Regular Automobiles Meet Their Pop Culture Counterparts

Unconventional Vehicles by Gerald Bear is a mashup where famous pop culture vehicles get their match in conventional vehicles we see around us. Movie and popular culture vehicles tend to be fantastic, but what if they were regular vehicles; modified though not really modded with the skill to change them completely.

Audio Visualizer Dances in 2500 Flames

Checkout this array of 2,500 flames that dance to the beats of music. Pyro Board by Veritasium is a look into the effects of sound waves traveling through flammable gas. All we see is a curious, eye catching mix of dancing flames, which we guess is just as well as anything else. via

Giant Robot Slippers Add Sound Effects to Your Walk

Giant robot slippers on the feet, sound effects to go along. I think I would feel obligated to walk like a robot wearing those. Which is totally my style. Costs $30.

Rule Smarter On the Iron Throne Bean Bag

Having seen people vie and die to sit on the Iron Throne in Game of Thrones, we think the king ought to know better. The Iron Throne is one uncomfortable, if not downright dangerous place to sit on. Aegon Targaryen wanted it that way, and well, the others just followed suit. It might be possible, […]

Beer Lollipops

Need beer, can’t drink? Bid your time with beer lollipops. Well, we assume they aren’t as good as a real beer, but it just might be the stop gap arrangement if your options are thin. They come in three flavors: IPA, Stout, and Lager; and are currently priced at $10 for a pack of four. […]

Human Emotions as Computer Notifications and Error Messages

Graphic designer Victoria Siemer matches up polaroids with computer messages, and tailors them up as a match for human emotions. The ongoing photography series is called “Human Error” and deals with quite an interesting facet of modern technology and human life.