Classic Paintings Get Pixelated Recreations in Lego

Masters who created the beautiful paintings we call classics had skills worthy of their name, and a palette of colors and shapes to follow the strokes of the brush. Recreating those masterpieces with 8-bit style pixels would be tough enough, but doing that recreation with Lego bricks is surely what deserves attention.

Hobo Nickels Carved From Clad Coins

Barcelona based artist Paolo Curcio carves coins into various shapes, that are of course quite a far cry from what they originally looked like. The artist uses a variety of coins that get transformed with a variety of etched designs and portraits, covering quite the range from geeky to skull designs that are the staple […]

Birds Dress Up In The Funkiest Of Hairstyles

Birds, as everyone is well aware, like to stay on top of the fashion line. You get to see them in fantastic colors and impressive style. Well, that apparently wasn’t just cutting it, so birds have now gone the route of some real funky hairstyles, several of which are inspired by the way humans treat […]

Miniature Cement People Lead a Fairly Somber Life

Life of the miniature cement people depicted in the works of Spanish artist Isaac Cordal (previously) could be considered somber, perhaps even dull as they deal with the stagnant topics of everyday life. The artist has been placing pieces from the series titled Cement Eclipse in several towns across Europe, starting in 2006 with his […]

Close-ups Of Recreational Drugs

In a series of photographs for the set “All You Can Feel”, photographer Sarah Schönfeld takes a microscopic look at several recreational drugs. The artist put drops of various legal and illegal liquid drugs onto a negative film which had already been exposed. Addition of the drugs altered the coating of the film. The negatives […]

Packaging Tape Art by Mark Khaisman

Artist Mark Khaisman makes use of the ubiquitous packaging tape to create very impressive artwork. The translucent tape is placed on a clear backlit panel to give it the characteristic glow that adds dimension to what might otherwise not have been so clearly visible form on tape. The form is achieved by adding tape or […]

Bike Paintings Made With Ink and Chopsticks

Motorcycle art by Endo Makoto is geared straight towards bike lovers. The appearance of the paintings is decidedly affected by the use of chopsticks as painting tools. Endo usually works on 6 feet by 4 feet canvas. Painting starts with drawing an outline, followed by splashing paint on the canvas that is then spread by […]

Andreas Verheijen, the Flower Engineer

We have no idea what a “Flower Engineer” is, but Andreas Verheijen makes it look like something incredibly cool. Andreas basically sculpts flower sculptures and arrangements into creative, and often stunning shapes. This flower engineer places flowers in a fashion that is most appealing to eyes.

Popular ’80s Movie Posters Painted in Stained Glass Style

Van Orton Design has a cool set of posters that show popular movies from the ’80s in stained glass style art.

Three Dimensional Paper Hummingbird Sculptures

Artist Cheong-ah Hwang (previously here and recently on Randommization Facebook page) has a skill of creating lovely three dimensional paper sculptures. The artist creates the sculptures covering a large variety of subjects, going from fairy tales to popular culture icons, or her imagination. The set here shows the artist’s sculptures of hummingbirds. Hwang starts with […]