Chart attempts to place Disney movies in chronological order from history

Disney movies are based off stories that are, for the most part, very difficult to place in correct historical order. You could always try to place them in history, depending upon the characters, the setting, and even clothes. It won’t always be the correct answer, but the estimate can be pretty good.

Disney Princesses Turn Out to be Monsters

Nobody saw it coming, and Disney Princesses turned out to be monsters. On the plus side, they are very cute, very Disney-like monsters, and probably would be loved a hell lot more in some parallel universe. Well, in fact I’m sure the little monster princesses would find a lot of admirers in our own universe […]

Sparkly Tiaras Themed on Disney Princesses

Finally, tiaras that are fit for a princess, more appropriately, a Disney princess. Eclectic Charms rendered and designed these tiaras inspired by Disney Princesses. They look quite classy and bright, good enough to go with the princess look. The designer is hoping that Disney itself, or some other source will take an interest in the […]

Disney Stars as The Walking Dead Killers

Zombies fear Disney stars. They don’t just kill by sunshine and adorable looks, when it gets down to business, they are pretty scary hunters of the undead. Just look at them enjoying the kill in these illustrations by Kasami-Senei. Don’t be fooled by their appearances, they are absolutely heartless psychopathic killing machines, who seem to […]

Celebrities as Disney Characters

Photographer Annie Leibovitz has an ongoing series titled Disney Dream Portraits. For the series, the photographer chooses a scene and character from Disney movies, and recreates the scene in a photograph, with a celebrity playing the role of the Disney character.

Disney Princesses Styled as Game of Thrones Ladies

Disney Princesses habitually show a lot less skin than the ladies in Game of Thrones, but then the princesses don’t live in a world as cruel as Westeros. Illustrator Sam Tsui illustrated thirteen Disney characters and princesses as women from A Song of Ice and Fire. It’s just about a month before Game of Thrones […]

Disney Princesses Dressed & Illustrated as Fashion Models

Russian design student Sasha has illustrated Disney Princesses as fashion sketches that look ripe for the runway. Of course, turning the characters into conventional fashion illustrations changes the look, but the artist has made an excellent effort in keeping close to the original.

Disney Princesses as Dudes

A series of illustrations by TT of Let There Be Doodles imagines what Disney Princesses would look like if they were male. The dude princesses/princes of Disney were inspired by another series named Gay Disney.

Disney Princesses, If They Were in College

After seeing Disney Princesses in school, here’s another set that imagines the life of Disney princesses if they were in college.

Disney Princesses as World of Warcraft Characters

Disney Princesses really know how to stay in the limelight, mostly thanks to the large number of fan art and iterations that we get to see. For the latest one, here are Disney princesses dressed up as World of Warcraft characters in illustrations by LiberLibelula.

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