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We would guess gluttony would not be a mortal sin if our ice cream contained heaps of holy water. But then it is named Vice Lolly, so we guess it does have the sin factor attached. A creation of ice cream shop Icecreamists, the greenish lolly is made of three parts holy water imported from the spring at the Grotto of Massabielle at Lourdes, a pilgrimage place for catholics, and one part of the alcoholic drink absinthe.

The unholy combination is then sweetened with sugar, given a pistol shape and handed over to women dressed like nuns for some truly uncomfortable advertising. Each of these is priced at ~$28.5. If you’re wondering at the steep price, we guess a big chunk of that comes from the holy water used. The holy water is sold at $123 per liter.

Via OddityCentral, Recipe

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