Famous ‘Friends’ Apartment Gets a Mindblowing Recreation in Paper

Monica’s apartment from Friends has been recreated by Brazilian artist Bruna Salvador Conforto. The paper replica goes into minute detail, showing off the most simplest of elements in clarity. Right from books, crockery and furniture, to details like Monica and Chandler’s wedding photograph and the placement of magazines, the recreation nails every detail. And it’s all made of paper! The attention to detail is absolutely mindblowing.

Mod Men: Mad Men In The Modern World

Mad Men has just premiered for a brand new season, and though its timeline is set just about 50 years ago, in terms of technology and life style that may very well have been a century. Shutterstock took a look at Mad Men, as they would be defined in the modern setting. The change is reflected quiet subtly, with the tool/device of ’60s that was indispensable to the characters, replaced by its modern counterpart.