Game of Thrones House Sigil Tattoos

We decided to start with the top image of Daenerys, which does not exactly show a tattoo for the Targaryen sigil, but is close enough and is totally rad. I also happen to have the hots for Khaleesi, but that’s a different matter. Game of Thrones tattoos are the work of artist Sara McSorley.

Creative Popeye Tattoo

As hard as this tattoo tries, it still cannot manage to bring to scale the full width of Popeye’s humongous forearms. It does an amazingly creative job at it though. via

Artist Dresses Ferrari F430 in Leather, Tattoos It

Artist Philippe Pasqua started off this project with a Ferrari F430 Scuderia. The supercar was first wrapped in cowhide, taking care to cover every nook and crevice of the body, while ensuring the leather followed the curves of the Ferrari as well as it could be. This would in itself be a tricky job, considering […]

Artist’s Blank Comic Panel Tattooed on Arm Gets a New Comic Everyday

Heading out as an idea for both comics and tattoos, comic book artist Patrick Yurick had his arm tattooed with blank comic panels. With a customizable comic panel tattoo right on his sleeve, the artist draws creative comics on the tattoo, which are then photographed and displayed as a his website.

A Gentleman

“A Gentleman is Simply a Patient Wolf.” This piece was made for a sleeve tattoo commission by Fyodor Pavlov. We’ll hold off judgement on those very wise words.

Joker Tattoo

This very impressive Joker tattoo by Hungarian artist Peter Tikos has a really evil vibe, and we like it. Via

End Cape’s Tattooed Banana Art

Japanese artist End Cape uses a pin to puncture holes into a banana skin, which eventually bruises and takes on the brown color. That’s the basic banana tattoo, and the patterns are lovely.

Faux Tatoos Ladies Tee

Want to go and get yourself covered in tattoos, but somehow don’t think it would be a good idea? Worry not ladies, for this T-shirt will take care of that for you. The tee has a print of a scantily clad feminine figure covered in tattoos all over the body. That ought to settle the […]

Burning Legs Flame Tattoo Stockings

Flame tattoo stockings promise to add a “hot flame” to your legs, while keeping the stocking itself unobtrusively in the background. If the image is anything to go by, the stockings are pretty much invisible, letting the flames get all the glory. This might very well be legit, but when we see an execution so […]

Tattoo Puts Permanent Shoulder Armor On For You

A warrior should perhaps never relax, and they would wear armor all through the day if it weren’t so darn uncomfortable. An easier way would be to make the armor a part of your body, like this superb and very realistic tattoo by Dmitry Bronya. It is well detailed and even includes details like armor […]

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