Brazilian Tattoo Artist Converts Scars of Domestic Violence into Empowering Pieces of Art

The terrible crime that domestic violence is, it often leaves scars on the body of the victim – and it stays on as a mark of the abuse, a reminder of terrible times. However, it’s not just scars that are permanent, as Brazilian artist Flavia Carvalho has proven with her project called “A Pele da Flor” (The Skin of the Flower).

Artist Dresses Ferrari F430 in Leather, Tattoos It

Tattooed Ferrari F430 by Phillipe Pasqua

Artist Philippe Pasqua started off this project with a Ferrari F430 Scuderia. The supercar was first wrapped in cowhide, taking care to cover every nook and crevice of the body, while ensuring the leather followed the curves of the Ferrari as well as it could be. This would in itself be a tricky job, considering the joints, hinges and crevices are not the best friends of a leather coat.

Burning Legs Flame Tattoo Stockings

Flame tattoo stockings promise to add a “hot flame” to your legs, while keeping the stocking itself unobtrusively in the background. If the image is anything to go by, the stockings are pretty much invisible, letting the flames get all the glory. This might very well be legit, but when we see an execution so clean, we tend to get a little skeptical. Costs $58.