The Many Masks of Spiderman

Everyone recognizes spidey by the conventional mask he wears. In the comic universe though, spidey is no different than the other superheroes and has seen quite a variety of masks over time; including a paper bag. Because that’s just how the amazing spider man rolls. This infographic by takes a look at the masks […]

Octopus Avengers Plushies

Octopus Avengers are here to save the day. They are soft, they are cute, and they are the non-scary kind of octopedes. Available on Etsy.

Comics Coasters

For the love of superheroes you really do need to jazz up those coasters. These superhero inspired comic coasters make quite a useful set. Comics coasters are made of 3/16 inch thick stainless steel and fashioned after logos and symbols of comic book characters. They have quite a collection so you can take your pick. […]

Imagining Superman With a GoPro Camera [video]

Superman doesn’t wear a GoPro camera, but he totally should considering the view is going to be great. The video is a concept from YouTube filmmakers CorridorDigital. Since Superman wasn’t really at their disposal, they used a DJI Phantom quadcopter drone to capture the aerial shots. via

The Amazing Spiderman 2 [new trailer]

In the new trailer for The Amazing Spiderman 2, the villains take the stage. Spidey has to battle with Rhino, though Electro takes the center stage for most of the movie, and then the Green Goblin makes an appearance as well. The movie will be released on May 2.

Superheroes in Glorious Iron Man Art Mashups

Superheroes and other comic book characters forsake their usual costumes for the sake of Iron Man themed armor… and the result is glorious. The illustrations are the work of artist BossLogic.

Street Wear Superheroines

Illustrator Mingjue Helen Chen imagines the appearance of several female comic characters, if their clothing was more street wear. The characters retain much of their original style and clothing, but receive touches and turns by the artist to get a more casual clothing/street wear look.

Batman and Superman

A fun gif showing the camaraderie between two great superheroes. Via Phildesignart, Dorkly

Red Bull Superhero Cans

Red Bull gives you wings, but it adds superhero powers to those wings. Well, usually. Sometimes you don’t get the power to fly, and you could end up as Batman (which would be awesome), or Aquaman (which would suck). In the latter case, you just accept your destiny because fate is cruel. Redbull Superheroes from […]

Black Milk Clothing’s Batman Inspired Line

We’ve had a glimpse of Black Milk Clothing’s Batman inspired lineup, and now the full set is out. It’s quite a collection. Check it out.

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