Papercraft Illustrations of Classic Nintendo Games

Canadian artist Steph Caskenette‘s papercraft renderings of scenes from classic Nintendo games are wonderful. The touch of paper makes these good old games and memories look exquisite with an added teaspoon of nostalgia. The images were not created by using actual paper, but the digital effect works just as good for the purpose. Prints available […]

Vintage Style Blueprints For Famous Inventions

Artist collective Oliver Gal have gotten their hands on patent blueprints of famous inventions, and to general pleasure converted them into these very fine prints. The prints are fairly well executed towards the originals, and include life changing applications like the first Wright Brother’s flying machine, and well, arguably equally important though in a different […]

Humorous Valentine’s Day Cards and Prints

Check out these sweet cards and prints, by Emily McDowell. They seem especially suited for Valentine’s Day.

Game of Thrones Propaganda Posters

The warring lords of Westeros need to recruit soldiers for their armies. Propaganda posters are a time honored and successful solution to recruitment troubles. Posters by artist Olivia Desianti.

Famous Movie Quotes as Charts

Dr. Nathan Yau of Flowing Data has converted 100 famous movie quotes as charts to illustrate the words. We’re loving the chart, but the only gripe is that the individual images could be a wee bit bigger. Also available as a print. Via GAS

‘Batman Bad Girls’ Poster

Now it’s easier to understand the lure of the superhero life, no wonder Batman won’t give it up. He might have other motivations for fighting crime, but the “workplace” doesn’t look half bad. The print is the work of artist Mimi Yoon and is available on Kult. via

Bad Guys Go To Hell

Bad Guys, Villains, Miscreants, & Low-lifes In Hell print puts 80 of movie and TV show villains smack in the middle of the fires of hell. We’re told that’s where all the bad guys go. The print is priced at $40. Via Geek-Art

Superhero Underwear Print

Superhero undies have a special quality: they’re basically an easy way to identify the characters. It’s like the highlight of their dress. Those who wear a full dress wear their underwear over the dress, and several of them skip much of the gear except the underwear. For what it is worth, no superhero forgets to […]

Human Body Organs Made Out of Flowers and Leaves

Camila Sitarama Carlow creates pictures of human body organs from flowers and leaves. It is quite an interesting concept, seeing those well known shapes represented in an unconventional style. They do seem to be anatomically correct in rendering, well about as much as the scope of the material used would allow. Prints available on Carlow’s […]

‘Monty Python is Awesome’ Series of Prints and T-Shirts

We don’t need being told that Monty Python is awesome, the comedy genius really was all kinds of awesome. Now we can bask in the glory of the comedy genius with several of the famous quotes and references getting illustrated and making an appearance on prints and t-shirts. Titled Monty Python is Awesome the set […]

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