Video Shows Off Every NES Title Screen, Makes It In 3 Hours

The video claims to cover every single Nintendo start screen in alphabetical order. It covers them all in nearly three hours, taking the viewer on quite a trip. A small chance exists that the list may not be 100% complete, given the sheer number and volume, though we’re inclined to believe they are all there. If you have the patience, run through the three hours of start screens, or maybe just watch some random spots (like we did).


Nintendo Makes Life Size Mario Kart Cars

Nintendo commissioned West Coast Customs to create life size replicas of two Mario Kart cars, to go along the December 4 launch of Mario Kart 7. Both cars are battery powered, built as replicas of the classic Mario Standard kart, with its glider attachment, and the Luigi Bumble V kart, with a rear propeller for underwater navigation. Of course, these cars won’t quite do the tricks as the ones in the game, but owning these would be pretty cool.

Nintendo announces its next console, the Wii U

At its E3 press conference, Nintendo announced its much awaited console, the Wii U. The next generation console comes with 1080p HD video quality, HDMI output, internal flash memory storage and full backwards compatibility. What is interesting is that it seems Nintendo has taken a shot at reinventing the controller as well. With the looks of a tablet, the controller has a 6.2-inch touchscreen, dual analog sticks, ABXY buttons, shoulder buttons, built in gyroscope and accelerometer and a player-facing camera and microphone. The controller itself is almost like a device you could play games on. There is no word on pricing or availability, but the Wii U will likely hit market shelves sometime in 2012.

Via: Joystiq, technabob