2D Or Not 2D

An imaginatively named project by Alexander Khokhlov (previously), 2D or not 2D shows facial photographs with patterns painted on them that give these three dimensional surfaces an appearance of being two dimensional. Aided by make-up artist Valeriya Kutsan, the artist painted patterns inspired by modern art and graphic design on the face of models.

Woman Ages, Decays And Is Reborn With Makeup

Makeup, it’s one helluva drug. Artist Emma Allen shot this animated self-portrait in a little more than five days. It shows the subject go through the circle of life, from the present, to death, and then to a new incarnation. Told through face painting, the video titled Ruby starts off with a young woman who […]

Artist Sculpts Detailed Figures on Her Lipsticks

Presumably not content with lipsticks being lipsticks, Singapore based artist May Sum converted them into artistic sculptures that show off various figures and celebrities. A good number of these sculptures come from a series entitled Woman Power. The artist’s work is not simply limited to celebrities though, and she accepts custom orders through her Etsy […]

Make-up Artist Spices up Eyelids

Make-up artist Tal Peleg goes all artistic on eyelids, spicing them up with a range of drawings and illustrations to great effect. She works along the shape and form of the eye to create illustrations that while far from conventional makeup, aren’t too far from the aesthetics of the eye. The Princess and the Frog […]

Doublefaced: Two-Faced Portraits of Girls Created With Makeup

Berlin-based artist Sebastian Bieniek created this set of intriguing, and sometimes unsettling portraits of females. The set doesn’t exactly use the female’s face to the full extent, it is the rudimentary face paint with makeup and its juxtaposition with facial features that creates the effect.

Girl Turns Into Sloth Because of Makeup

Chemicals present in makeup products, upon application seem to have the power to turn humans into sloths. It would appear that this girl whom we know by the name of redditor hay_ewe applied the cosmetics very carefully, but had the effect of turning into a sloth, as opposed to the effect generally advertised by cosmetic […]

Colorful Lip Art

Funky and artistic lip art by Eva Senin Pernas comes with the use of lipsticks, lip liners, liquid eyeliners and some other gear as might be required, because these can turn into pretty intricate creations. Her lip art initially started with movie representations, but then branched out to include several other ideas and forms.

Movie Scenes Presented as Eyelid Art and Makeup

Makeup artist Katie Alves has some really funky and cool eyelid makeup art to her name. The set we see here shows scenes from Disney movies presented as eyelid makeup. Also, simply because they were too good to pass up, we added Katie’s eyelid art from movies like Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, How […]

This Makeup Swings Between Macabre and Gory

Rather than lead with makeup that transitions the average looking to amazing, Miss Lakune seemingly devotes more time to creations that oscillate between macabre and gory. A great level of precision and skill still has to go into this makeup, where it seems torture devices are so frequently utilized.

Characters Represented in Catchy Eye Makeup

It’s hard to not put a premium on geeky eye makeup, especially when it has the tendency to turn out so cool. Here are a few examples of artist Kirsty Childs showing off famous characters and heroes in very cool eye makeup.

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