Mr. Right and Mrs. Always Right

There could hardly be a Mr. Right, if it wasn’t for the magnanimity of Mrs. Always Right. Get these throw pillow cushion covers, and Mr. Right can have a good chuckle with Mrs. Always Right. Available on Amazon.

Vision of a Dream Home by Martin Ferrero Architecture

Everyone has an idea of their ideal abode, the place dreams call home. This one here, is the dream house of Daniel Martin Ferrero of Martin Ferrero Architecture. With the skill available to him, Daniel was able to visualize his dream in a way that makes it more tangible, if not entirely real.

Wi-Fi Planter Router

Covered in a concrete planter, this router lives happily as a sweet little decoration that adds green to your décor. The shallow planter dish is fit for plants like moss and ferns, and sits comfortably above a TP-LINK TL-WDR3600 router. You will have to be a bit careful when watering the plants, as it requires […]

Doodle Friendly Duvet Covers

Kids doodling on the duvet? Well, no mom’s going to like it, and we doubt encouraging doodles on a duvet is a good idea. However, if that is your thing, these doodle friendly duvet covers are exactly what you’re looking for. Doodle away, and see all of them slide away when you wash the covers, […]

This Soothing Green Wall For Homes Should Most Certainly Not Be An Exception

Ideas of green wall and vertical gardens have been floating around for quite a while, and while we enjoy those ideas, this one just took us with a pleasant surprise. Hideo Kumaki Architect Office came up with this idea for the Green Screen House, located in Saitama, Japan.

Venus Flytrap Potted Plant

Venus Flytrap is a plant with a unique reputation, one of the few plants in the world that actually “hunt” for their food. We can obviously understand the lure of having a plant like that in a pot and that would be quite a wise decision. The plants grow between three to ten centimeters depending […]

Brass Sinks Bring Old World Charm to the Kitchen

We absolutely love modern tech, but the lure of old-world design isn’t quite easy to miss. Italian company Restart makes these classy old-timey sinks from brass, With its classic look, the sink also includes a dish rack and a towel bar.

The futuristic Tron kitchen

It’s been a long time since we saw anything Tron-inspired. We’re liking this kitchen from Milan-based architectural and design Studio AquiliAlberg. It looks futuristic with a clean design. Yet we can’t help thinking that the kitchen lacks lightcycles… Lightcycles in the kitchen? I must be going mad. Via: CubeMe

Pirate ship bedroom I’d go to war for

Admit it, this is the bedroom you’ve always wanted; because there is no friggin’ way someone would pass on a bedroom with a pirate ship, rope bridge, slides and ropes. Designed by Steve Kuhl for a six-year old, the bedroom has a “floating” pirate ship that is connected to a “jail cell” by means of […]

Faux pebble rug

Faux pebble rug designed by Ksenia Movafagh is made from 100% wool smartly turned into the appearance of pebbles. The rug does adequately mirror the looks of pebbles you’d expect to find around the shore, but we’re not sure if it will continue to keep its looks as the time passes. Via: IncredibleThings

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