Tokyoflash Outs Tron Inspired Watch

Tokyoflash watches are more famous for using strange means to tell time, rather than laying it straight. That happens to be the USP of Tokyoflash watches, and we’d hate to see them going any other way. Their latest watch comes by the name of Kisai Seven and very cleverly incorporates design cues from Tron in the shape of two pulsing LED rings that could be blue or white and come with three animation presets. They are currently selling the watch at $99, though the price will soon go up to $139.

Tron Lightcycle PC casemod

Having seen a lot of Tron-inspired stuff, we were sort of wondering when a casemod would show up. It’s late to the party, but it is well dressed. The best part of course is that it does look like a lightcycle, and not some weirdly fangled together collection slapped with the lightcycle name. It’s glossy, it’s got good lighting, and of course, badass computing power.

Via: Bods-Mods, SlashGear