Lava From Mount Etna Used to Craft Furniture

After an eruption of Mount Etna last year, Sicilian duo Simone Farresin and Andrea Trimarchi of Formafantasma decided to experiment with the cooled lava and the shapes it could be molded into. Terming Mount Etna as a “mine without miners – it is excavating itself to expose its raw materials,” the duo collected the cooled […]

Tilting Furniture: Because it Looks Cool

What good is tilted furniture? We ask. For starters, it looks pretty good, and if you photograph it well enough, it looks even better. Seen here is the “60″ series from Georgian design studio XYZ Integrated Architecture. The simple name apparently comes from the angle at which the furniture bends along their vertical axis.

Skull Chair Has a Soulmate in the Brain Ottoman

Skulls go exceptionally well with brains, which is the reason I always prefer to keep my brain firmly in the skull. Sometimes it is a little too tight, but mostly, I’m okay. This love affair of skull and brain has taken the next step where they’re together as furniture. Artist/designer Vladi Rapaport has crafted a […]

Magic Flying Carpet Coffee Table

Living in a fairytale and embarking upon adventures is easy when you have access to the flying carpet. Made by Duffy London, the flying carpet is a coffee table made out of mild steel, with a brilliantly designed base that mimics the shadow of the carpet.

Designer Peacock Chair

Nature is a rich repository of inspiration, and doing things right can get it transformed beautifully into design. Peacock chair by architecture firm Uufie takes its inspiration from the unfolded feathers of a peacock and a flower in bloom. Both these characteristics are molded together in acrylic composite to form this rather striking chair.

Giant Cat Sofa

This giant cat sofa was displayed at the 2010 Habitat installation in Antwerp. Felis Domesticus is a 3.5 meter long soft sculpture of a sleeping cat that visitors could lounge upon.

Required Immediately for Evil Genius Lair: Skull Armchair

Being an evil genius requires great attention to your lair and appearance. Sure you could be sitting in a Skull mountain like Skeletor, but then you sit in a regular chair with a couple of skulls and shenanigans randomly thrown in, ruining the effect. You could get yourself a scary chair, but that usually kills […]

Artistic Touch is Dominant in Designer Furniture by Boca do Lobo

Manufacturers of exclusive and designer furniture, Boca do Lobo have quite a collection of unique and stylish furniture. Inspiration ranges from the contemporary to the historic, with each sporting a distinct look and quality that only comes with an uncommon look finished to perfection. Hit ahead to take a look at some of the items […]

Getting Car Furniture Luxuriously Right With the Glamour Beetle Armchair

Furniture that has the elements cars is not really rare, but it is rare to see where the disciplines of automobiles and furniture work in harmony. Glamour Beetle Armchair is way more than a couch dumped into a cut section of the Beetle. It manages to keep its identity as the car while very successfully […]

PinPres Shelf Is a Winner

A full-sized version of the pin art toys, the PinPres shelf is a fun modular system that you can change to suit your will and requirements, while generally having a fun time with the piece. Made primarily for kids’ rooms, the shelf is available in two sizes: a wall-mounted mini, and a standalone version.

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