Alien Invasion Prank

This is exactly what you should do should do when visited by aliens in the dead of the night.

Visualizing a Facebook for Toddlers

Comedian and writer Rob Fee imagined what the behavior and conversation of toddlers might look like if they were on Facebook. This is hilarious, and to be honest, way better than the things I see on my Facebook timeline.

The Wisdom That Comes From Being ’60s Spiderman

Animated Spiderman of the ’60s was a treasure trove of wisdom. People missed it of course, so here’s some of the wisdom so you never forget.

Parrot Says WTF [video]

What’s so special about a parrot saying “what the f*ck”?The gusto he says it with.

In Japanese Game Show, Celebrities Eat Random Objects That Might Be Chocolate

Chomp on an object that you see everyday around you, and it just might be a chocolate, or it might be what it looks like. Japanese sokkuri (‘look alike’) sweets are desserts that look like everyday objects. Recently on a game show, celebrities and participants were asked to bite everyday objects; some of which were […]

The Phone Cone

Acknowledge it. You need one. So does everybody else. via

Gods of the Internet

The realm of the internet is governed by a pantheon of Gods. You may not realize it yet, but you do have a patron lord of the interwebs. This series by CollegeHumor will take you to a trip of the hallowed realms of the internet where you shall find the protection of your virtual god.

Geeky Condom Wrappers

Geeky condom wrappers with taglines suited for their representation. Fun concept by Melbourne-based artist Kode Abdo.

Even Game of Thrones Characters Have a Tough Time Keeping Track of Game of Thrones Characters

You have probably noticed there are a hell lot of characters to keep track of in Game of Thrones. Probably way more than the monkeysphere would allow a regular human to keep track of.

Game of Thrones Honest Trailer

The honest trailer for Game of Thrones you’ve always wanted. Plus it’s a good recap for the previous three seasons, right before you jump to season 4.

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