India’s Mars Orbiter Sends Home Its First Image

First image of earth from Indias Mars Orbiter Mission

India’s first mission to Mars, the Mars Orbiter (Mangalyaan) crossed the distance of the moon’s orbit this morning, making it the farthest object sent into space by India. A few days ago, the spacecraft looked back, and sent a postcard back home. This is the first image of Earth taken by the Mars Color Camera (MCC) aboard the Mars Orbiter Spacecraft. The image was taken on November 19, from an altitude of 67975 kilometers.

Via @Mangalyaan1

Time Lapse Image From Space Shows A ‘Breathing’ Earth

Had our Earth been one giant living organism, it would breathe, probably something like once a year to maintain its behemoth size. If you would allow for changes in seasons and corresponding change in vegetation and appearance a view, you might find something like a breathing planet, like these images show. The image was created by John Nelson of IDV Solutions. He downloaded cloud free satellite images of the planet for every month, and let them loose in a gif animation that we see here, and in which it appears our beloved planet does breathe.

NASA Shows Images of Earth From the Viewpoint of Saturn and Mercury

Humans have often looked into the sky and seen Saturn, but never have we known what our Earth would look from the vantage point of that planet. Well, now we do. As usual, it’s the pale blue dot in the sky. Saturn is 900 million miles from Earth, and the Cassini spacecraft has been hanging out with the beautiful ringed planet for a while now.

The (Unofficial) Flag For Earth, And The Future of Space Exploration

2020: Humanity is only present on Earth and the Moon.

About a year ago, redditor thefrek made an unofficial flag for Earth. He recently reappeared with more flags for the entire solar system, for the future Martian revolution, and for the Solar Federation that might happen into the future. A fun sci-fi story could be constructed around these flags. They are available for purchase here.