Cute Marshmallow Cat Floats On Your Coffee

Say hello to CafeCat, the cute marshmallow cat that goes into your coffee cup and floats adorably at the surface. Available in chocolate and vanilla flavors, the cats will eventually dissolve in the coffee, but not before making a cute appearance and impression. The feline treats are available in a variety, that includes the cat face, and kitty paws so you could comfortably take your pick. Available here.

Good Old 16th Century, And Its Love For Rocket Powered Warrior Cats

The 16th century was seeing warfare get revolutionized. Gunpowder had shown up on the scene and changed warfare from the way humans had been accustomed to fighting forever. With every drastic change, come new strategies, and a good number of them are likely to be wacky; like these illustrations from a 1530 war manual that advocates using animals to deliver weapon payloads.