Disturb the Cat Hamburger, and Prepare to Be Scratched

The kitty needs a bed, so why not let it be a hamburger so the kitty is happy, and you are amused. For one, the cat burger pillow is much better than anything sounding like cardboard box can ever be, and the cat as a patty presents such an adorable view.

Breeders Make Werewolf-like Cat

Cats and wolves aren’t from the same family tree, much less werewolves, but you could find them some similarities. A group of cat breeders have created the Lykoi Cats, felines with a small crop of hair that makes them look like werewolves. Lykoi is a mutation of the shorthair cat, and does not grow a […]

Watch This Kitty Pull Off Moves on the Skateboard

This kitty has it all sorted out. On skateboards at least. Watch Didga the cat do tricks on a remote controlled skateboard with finesse and skill.

Finding Nemo Remade With Cats in Costumes

Cute kittens play out Pixar’s Finding Nemo in costumes. Narrated by children.

Leather Battle Armor Suit For Cats

The battle lines are drawn, the kitty needs to wear armor. Your cat probably won’t love you any more for getting it armor, but then again it won’t detest you any more either. So you could cover you cat in leather armor without worrying much.

Kittens Act The Lion King [video]

The Lion King is cute enough, The Lion King played by kittens is just as cute.

Characters From Downton Abbey Painted as Cats and Dogs

Characters from the TV Show Downton Abbey have found a new home in Houndton Abbey. The series by Massachusetts-based artist and illustrator Toadbriar presents characters from the famous TV Show as cats and dogs. Paintings for the series have been done with archival materials that are supposed to last for 200 years in indoor lighting […]

Video Compilation of Dogs Scared of Walking Past Cats

A video compilation showing dogs too scared to cross paths with cats. via

Ways to Pet Your Cat

Comic by artist Michelle L. Nguyen. via

Giant Cat Sofa

This giant cat sofa was displayed at the 2010 Habitat installation in Antwerp. Felis Domesticus is a 3.5 meter long soft sculpture of a sleeping cat that visitors could lounge upon.

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