These Adorable Cookies and Cakes are a Treat for the Eyes

The skill of pastry chef and author Heather Baird becomes evident, when you see a spider cake and think it’s not really that creepy. It could even be called adorable! My unreasonable thoughts on spiders aside, these cookies and cakes are really quite adorable. Heather’s cakes have earned quite a following on Instagram, a very successful blog, and a book.

Multilayered Pizza Cake

Somethings come into existence just to make everybody happy, much like this Pizza Cake. PizzaCake is one of the innovations by Canadian chain Boston Pizza. They have an ongoing competition with several entries, the winner of which will be made into a real product. Really, there are quite a few great products waiting to happen on that list. We’d rather have several of them be real, but if it has to be a choice, the answer is PizzaCake.

Via Foodbeast

Cakes Made to Look Like Other Foods

Testing times come when you should be eating proper food but all you really want to eat is cake. This won’t solve the problem, but it will make the decision a hell lot easier. Based in London, Louise Caola creates picture perfect cakes that mimic the appearance of some other food. There’s McDonald’s burgers, french fries, pizza and even healthier alternatives like veggies and full food.

Lego Minifig Cake Pops

These Lego Minifigs perfectly look their part, but except from being made out of plastic, they’re made of deliciousness and intend to make things delicious. Cake Power Cakes made them by combining cake crumbs and buttercream and pressing it into a pan. The cylindrical minifigs were then cut out of this mix, stacked with modeling chocolate and then covered in melted yellow candies.