Bugatti Gangloff Concept

Bugatti Gangloff concept draws inspiration from the classic 1938 Type 57 SC Atlante, which had a body built by French coachbuilder Gangloff and was one of the most celebrated cars of its time that bore the Bugatti marque. While the independent concept of Polish designer Pawel Czyzewski does look to the Atlante for inspiration, the modern effect and language of the almighty Bugatti Veyron is not lost on it. So the looks and styling do a wonderful fusion of the old and the contemporary, and keeps up with the same theme over the interiors and the exteriors.

2025 Bugatti Aerolithe Concept is the Everyday Batmobile of the Future

Someone throws the Bugatti name, we’re happy. Yep, we are that easy to please. Although that won’t happen in 2025, if a Bugatti looks like this. Designer Douglas Hogg’s Bugatti Aerolithe concept sounds good, a bit futuristic perhaps, but somewhat of a very weird Bugatti. Although its Batmobile-like looks do greatly help its case, make us like it even.

Bugatti Shows Three Limited Edition Versions of Veyron Grand Sport

The Bugatti Veyron is all sold out, but the targa top version of the car is still available for those who have enough money. The supercar manufacturer has come up with three new looks for the Grand Sport, and will be showcasing them at the Dubai International Motor Show. You know, the place where people will lap up exclusives like these.

Bugatti shows one-off porcelain-trimmed Veyron L’Or Blanc

Bugatti has taken wraps off a brand new, one-off Veyron and it’s a lot different than the “usual” looks you’d expect from a car. L’Or Blanc was created in association with Königliche Porzellan-Manufaktur who used porcelain on the car to give it these splendid looks and style. L’Or Blanc (means White Gold) will only see one edition built, with a price tag of $2.4 million.

Bugatti inspired desk costs less than the car

The Bugatti-inspired desk from Luzzo Bespoke has been lovingly titled “Bugatti Grand Prix racing car inspired desk,” and is of course, named after one of the most expensive and powerful beasts on the road. It has been made out of machined aircraft aluminum, taking some 3000 hours of machining. To hark back to the old Bugattis, the desk includes a honeycomb pattern like the Bugatti racer grills of yore.

Bugatti’s automatic belt always keeps a snug grip

Bugatti and Roland Iten joined teams to create this luxurious mechanical wonder of a belt. Mechanical buckle on the belt adjusts it to exactly the level required using its mechaniclal knowledge of waist measurement. Ensuring you’ll aways have a nice fit. The Bugatti buckle is available in white gold or rose gold, and in case you had any doubts, know that it is super expensive.

Via: Selectism, PSFK

Another Bugatti Veyron-shaped mobile phone shows up, and it has a targa top!

We’ve seen the Bugatti Veyron shaped Bugatty mobile phone before, and though this phone looks much like the earlier one, it has the spellings of Bugatti right. In fact, this phone has gone another step and has stamped the Bugatti logo all over. This car shaped mobile phone, as the vendor calls it, is the model HooD. It has a 2MP camera in the windscreen, a 2.8-inch TFT touchscreen, dual sims and 8 GB card support. Apparently, you can take off the targa top and have a look at the car’s 2-seat interior, or simply remove it all to have access to the dual-sims and battery for the phone. Costs $118.

Via: 7Gadgets