Batman Scalemaille Armor

Batman would wear the crap out of this armor. The batsuit is awesome, but sometimes you just need a little change. Perhaps wear it for a costume party, maybe Halloween. If you’re Batman, you don’t really have a lot of costume choices, unless it’s a Batman costume. This Batman scalemaille suit of armor was originally built for a Batfan project called Legends: The Dark Knight. The handmade suit of armor includes everything from helmet to shoes, took 350 hours to complete and weighs 60lbs. It’s currently on sale for $9500.

Functional Mongol Armor

Mongols definitely were one of the scariest warriors in the history of man. Among a lot of things that made them successful in battle, was their armor that was light and allowed greater movement and agility for both the warrior, and the horse. This one is called “Khatangu degel mongol armor” and was built keeping in mind the Eastern Mongolian style of armor, and the later western European and Arab styles the armor absorbed.