Pyramid House

Architect Juan Carlos Ramos built this house built this modern pyramid for an architectural competition. It isn’t meant to house a pharoah in the afterlife, but a creative who would make good use of the shape and facilities. The pyramid rises three levels connected through floating staircases. It houses the usual rooms, like living room, dining room, bedroom and balcony, and notably also includes a library and a recording studio.

Sci-fi Author Proposes a 12 mile High Skyscraper to Launch Rockets

While we imagine a world of space travel and planet hopping, it might as well include an easy, cost-effective way of getting off Earth. Science-fiction author Neal Stephenson is developing a concept for a skyscraper that would go to the striking and surprising height of 12.4 miles (20 kilometers) for the sake of making rocket launches way more cheaper and easier.

Self-Sufficient Mountain Hut is Your Refuge/Supervillain Lair

Looking suspiciously like the lair of a supervillain, Refuge du Gouter happens to be a self sufficient hut that sits atop the top of Mont Blanc, which just adds to its villain lair credentials. On the other hand, this reminds us how far technology has come, that the highest peak in Europe has not only been conquered, it is now playing host to people who might decide to stay there.

German Architects Present Ideas on Mars Colonization

German firm ZA Architects has come up with a concept idea for the colonization of Mars. Since the first step to building a colony there is to have habitable areas, or at least shelters, the concept suggests that such shelters or caves be built underground. The idea is to send minimal resources from Earth, except solar powered robotic machines that would then get to work building hexagonal shaped structures on the red planet.

Unbalanced Hotel Looks Like a Picture Frame Fell on a Cliff

Photoframe shaped “Unbalanced Hotel” is envisioned to be built at the edge of a cliff to capture the picturesque scene near Lima, Peru. Designed by Spanish firm OOIIO the building will sink into the ground on one of its corners, giving the appearance of a lopsided frame and an unbalanced structure. It will include 125 rooms, restaurants, conference rooms, meeting rooms and exhibition spaces.

Time Lapse Travels Through European Architectural Marvels

Europe is a treasure trove of outstanding and brilliant architecture though history. Videographer Luke Shepard went on a tour of Europe, traveling to 36 cities across 21 countries in three months. All in an attempt to document the architectural marvels of the continent. He returned with thousands of photographs that were turned into a time-lapse for Nightvision, the video you see here. And yes, it’s stunning and worth every second of the time you spend watching the video.

Man Builds Himself a Mountain Lair on Top of a 26-Story Building in Beijing

Characters generally like to build their lairs away from population so they can go on with their experiments freely. Although that’s a huge luxury if you’re living in a giant city like Beijing. How’s a man ever supposed to get a respectable secret lair with real estate prices like that? Going around the problem, a Doctor built a mountain lair for himself on top of a 26-story residential building in Beijing.