Suspension Bridge Gives You The Daredevil Feel of Walking Off a Cliff

Being a daredevil is cool, but then for whatever reason, most of us just can’t take the risk. There’s always a way out though, like this suspension bridge on the Dachstein Massif Alpine peak. The bridge has a glass platform going out of the cliff, putting you 400 meters (1300 feet) above the ground. A […]

Abandoned Quarry in China Will Be Home to Striking Luxury Hotel

An abandoned quarry in China is all set to become the spot of luxuries as construction begins on a new 19-story luxury hotel. To be built inside a cave at the base of the Tianmenshan Mountain, the hotel will rise only 15 meters above the ground and will sport a garden at its roof.

Floor Plans for Famous Television Show Houses

Spanish interior designer and artist Iñaki Aliste Lizarralde probably watches TV and movies with a great interest in the setting, which is what would apparently lead him to have a good enough understanding of the appearances of the sets to actually devise well detailed floor plans for them. The floor plans are well detailed, not […]

Concept Imagines London’s BT Tower as a Pollution Filter

Going into the idea of using buildings as gigantic pollution filters, this concept imagines the BT Tower in London playing its role in keeping the air clean. That the renderings happen to look like the lair of some scary alien race in sci-fi movies, is probably just a happy coincidence.

Green Box, a Tiny Retreat Covered in Vegetation

A cabin placed quite on the woods on the slopes of the Raethian Alps in Italy, the “Green Box” has the appearance of a lovely little retreat ensconced in vegetation not just figuratively, but literally. Built by Act Romegialli Architects, it is a structure made from lightweight metal galvanized profiles and steel wires wraps, which […]

Zaha Hadid and AECOM to Build Stadiums For 2022 FIFA World Cup

Zaha Hadid and AECOM have landed the bid to build the Al-Wakrah stadium for the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. The stadiums have been designed to reflect the rich cultural heritage of the country, and will as such be nestled in a culturally rich area flanked by archaeological sites and distinctive mosques. Hit ahead […]

Micro House: Thinking a Future Where Tiny Houses Stack up Like Legos

Micro-house by Chinese design studio Liu Lubin is a structure based on the minimum space people would need for a living. It is by no means extravagant, but the house would allow basic human movement like walking, standing, sitting and lying; arguably in very cramped quarters though.

Indoor Diving and Skydiving Center

I look at this and I think, how does this even work? Indoor diving I can understand, but indoor skydiving is a whole different plate. For skydiving you expect to jump thousands of feet, which a moderately high building would probably not be able to accomplish. Then again, you add enough perspective, and things just […]

Apparently, No One in China Realized the New High Rise Was a Giant Penis

So the Chinese newspaper People’s Daily is getting itself a new headquarter, and big skyscraper to go with it. The problem is, the skyscraper looks like a giant penis. The 150 meter high building is not completed yet, and once complete will give up its phallic resemblance.

Urban Architecture Patterned in Photographs

Singapore based photographer Jared Lim photographs urban architecture and landscapes to present them in part that make them appear in very interesting patterns. We’ve been seeing a few examples of urban architecture recently, and this one just shows how colorful and patterned it all is, even though we see similar things everyday and never notice.

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