Freaky Spy Gadgets: Rechargeable mini grand table clock with camcorder

It has been quite a while since we saw one of these freaky spy gadgets here. Brando however, does not disappoint with its growing list of crazy spy gadgets. Case in point: this mini grand table clock which comes with an embedded pinhole lens and can capture video and images. Also, the camera appears to be very well disguised. Costs $42.

Via: 7Gadgets

Skinput transforms users into touchscreens

Touchscreens may be all the rave these days, but soon you could be able to play a bit of a cyborg with inputs embedded in your forearm. Theoretically, your arm could be the control panel for your gadgets. For the technology to work in the least invasive way, you’d require a pica projector and a microphone. The projector creates images of the buttons on your arm, while the mic picks up sounds when you tap your arm and translates them into action by recognizing the “button” you tapped. Or you could get tattoed with the buttons and do away with the projector. The technology is currently in the development phase.


H2Office: Your office on water

H2Office earns its place in the cool book simply because this baby floats. The 9 meter long office can hold 2 desks, a fold-out bed, lounge, kitchenette, and there’s even a sun deck at the top to make this office even more desirable. It feeds off a 240V power supply from the shore, which is a huge shortcoming. You could get some of the energy from wind and solar power, but that’s not all that interesting. The office has a number of customization options to suit your needs. Like all good things, this one is expensive as hell. Costs $90,000.


Remembering the light bulb

Ever since it was invented, the incandescent light bulb has sort of been a part of our daily life. Now that it is slowly on its way out, there’s a way you could recreate the same, comfortin effect to some degree. The solution lies in using an even older source of light, that probably won’t ever go obsolete, the candle. These Light Bulb Effect wax candles from System Design Studio look lovely and cool.

System Design and YankoDesign