The RC Batmobile You Will Love, At A Price You Won’t

Make note people, because when Mattel releases this RC Batmobile around fall this year, it will show up in your holiday wishlist. The RC car is based off the batmobile in the in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie. And it does a pretty good job at being true to its movie version, without being life-size loaded with actual ammunition. The $250 price tag for the Justice League Ultimate Batmobile however, does make it a RC car fit for Bruce Wayne.

Bet you didn’t know: The email just turned 44

It’s mind boggling to imagine that the email is old, 44 years old. Computer engineer Ray Tomlinson sent the very first email in the year 1971. It’s difficult to say if Tomlinson realized the importance of the historic event he was presiding over, but he doesn’t quite remember what the email was about. In such a case, I think it is best to assume that it was a fart joke, because that’s what emails are for.

You don’t know it yet, but you’re totally in love with the USB Type-C

usb type-c

You may not care about technology, and you may not even know it yet, but you do totally love the USB Type-C. The new iteration of the bus has all the advantages of the classic USB, and removes most of the complaints leveled against the USB. The list of the new offerings is huge, and we’re going to run by it with quick information to highlight the capabilities of the new standard.

Seventeen Instruments Play in the Self-Contained Hootenanny

You could have your very own band or orchestra at your beck and call, housed comfortably in an elegant handcrafted oak cabinet. The self-contained Hootenanny, apart from having a lovely name, also houses 17 musical instruments. Let’s go back a bit, Hootenanny… that’s a great word, and I’m going to try to sneak it into conversations all week. That, and bamboozled, because it’s cool.