Cosmic Watch Matches You Up With the Elements for Luck and Chakra Balance

Cosmic Pro is a watch based on Indian concepts of astrology, where certain precious stones are believed to interface with the stars and planets to have a more positive impact on the life of the person wearing the stones. Usually, such gems or stones are placed in rings on the finger; the watch takes another approach, and adds them to the face of the watch.

Mask Analog Watch Hides Numbers, Because Numbers are ‘Disgusting’

Mask rotary watch has two layers, one masking the hour numbers except the relevant one, and the other doing the same for minutes. All other numbers remain hidden under the layers and give the watch a cool minimalist look. Interestingly enough, designer Filip Slováček mentions that all the “disgusting numbers” stay hidden. Although wearing our common sense hat, which is not good enough to change the heading, it apparently has more to do with the designer not being fluent in English, rather than finding numbers disgusting.

Samsung Turns Smart on the Smarwatch

Samsung has entered the Smartwatch arena with the Galaxy Gear smartwatch. Rather than be smart all by itself, the watch works with the Galaxy range of phones and tablets, and makes them slightly more convenient for the user. It connects to the Galaxy gadget through a Bluetooth 4.0 + BLE connection and keeps you informed of incoming mails, texts and messages so you don’t have to reach out for the phone or tablet when every little notification shows up.

Urwerk EMC Watch

We tend to get floored by excellent precision and crafting skills. Those features are best apparent for consumer items, in our opinion, in good old watch making and horology masterpieces. Urwerk EMC (Electro Mechanical Control) has a built-in “Artificial Intelligence”, well as much of an AI as a mechanical system can afford. It uses this AI to keep its measurement of time precise. Common variances like temperature, position and shock can reduce the timing regularity of a wristwatch.

Miniature Tweeting Bird Sits Inside a Watch

Make way Cuckoo Clocks, the the watch can now go miniature enough to include its very own miniature tweeting bird. The miniature masterpiece was created to celebrate the 275th anniversary of clockmaker Pierre Jaquet Droz opening his first workshop. While tweeting birds inside watches isn’t totally unheard of, this mechanical bird can flap its wings and move its beak to accompany the sound. That’s a whole new level of mechanical miniaturization. Christened The Charming Bird, this watch is limited to 28 pieces only.

Doctor Who Themed Wristwatches

In an age where miniaturization is everywhere, it does not suit well that the Doctor should still need a telephone box to go about his business. Wearing a cool looking watch should do the trick. The watch collection from Zeon has two watches based on the Doctor Who universe. The first is based on the Tardis, keeping the appearance elements of the public phone box in as good a shape as a watch can afford.