The Monster [Short Film]

The Monster is a short film by Director Damien Kazan. Set in the late ’90s, the film presents a coming of age story. The film takes a look at the life of a young teen and (some) teen troubles. One would assume “real” monsters don’t really have a part to play in teen troubles, but in this film, they do. While certainly not your regular James P. Sullivan, I imagine the monster is just an awkward monster, who turns out to be a wingman.

“Clearly, that’s not what The Monster is about”, you say.

To which, I say, I want to believe.

Broken: Love Story in an Elevator [short film]

Broken is a romantic drama set entirely inside an elevator. A woman and a man find themselves inside an elevator which loses power, trapping them both inside. Created by French movie director Mathieu TURI, the film follows the conversation and the state of the two people trapped in the elevator who start as complete strangers. Broken has been presented at many film festivals and is the Indie Fest Award Winner and Accolade Award Winner 2013.

Old Man Searches For Happiness in Old Photographs [video]

Paper Memories is a multiple award winning short by filmmaker and photographer Theo Putzu. The video follows an old man as he follows his memories and love with the help of old photographs. Stitched together from 4000 images, the video is a wonderful tale of loneliness, hope and lost love. I would watch the end better, but my eyes wouldn’t stop sweating.

Via PetaPixel

Star Drunk: A Sci-fi Film Written and Acted by Drunk Poeple

Star Drunk is a short sci-fi film that has been both written and acted by drunk people. Directed by Chris R. Wilson and Zach Persson, the movie is quite a mashup of Star Trek, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica and copious amounts of liquor. Hit ahead for the movie and another “behind the scenes” video for the movie. It isn’t easy to act drunk.