Life Sized Lamborghini Aventador is Made Completely Out of Paper

We are fans of the stunning looks of the Lamborghini Aventador, we’re even more enamored by someone going the impressive route and crafting a supercar entirely out of paper. Seattle based artist Taras Lesko crafted this full scale Lamborghini Aventador using only paper. The paparecraft supercar has been styled in the looks of a police […]

Girl Dresses Herself Up in Pages of a Book

Made entirely out of the pages of a dictionary, the dress of Redditor paperbagboris follows the fashion, style and possibly, the skill of some very good dress makers. We like how the paper tries its best to follow fabric, and finally ends up working quite decently as a dictionary paper can, when working as a […]

Popular Fonts Compared to Food, Given Paper Sculptures of Said Food

If you love typography, you breathe typography, you eat typography, and apparently you sculpt typography. Lithuania-based visual communication studio PRIM PRIM compared fonts to food, and just for good measure made paper sculptures of the food they were talking of, because why not? And it adds layers of cool to everything.

3D Origami by Jobe Brown

Canadian artist Jobe Brown works with paper to create what he calls 3D Origami. His creations include several popular characters from a wide interest range. There are quite a few Pokemon in the set, Hedwig makes an appearance with the golden snitch, but we are particularly fond of the cute Iron Man you see at […]

Iron Man is a Minion

Built in the style of adorable minions from Despicable Me, the papercraft Iron Minion is the real deal. Turns out, even Tony Stark was a minion wearing a suit. Given the prowess of minions in developing technologies and things, we are convinced as this being the whole truth.

Origami Creatures

Nguyễn Hùng Cườngi, an artist of Vietnamese origin has great skill and dexterity when working with paper, as evidenced by these numerous and well executed origami creatures. The artist has not had any formal training or guidance, relying mostly on books to learn and refine his skill to this majestic level. His origami covers a […]

Famous ‘Friends’ Apartment Gets a Mindblowing Recreation in Paper

Monica’s apartment from Friends has been recreated by Brazilian artist Bruna Salvador Conforto. The paper replica goes into minute detail, showing off the most simplest of elements in clarity. Right from books, crockery and furniture, to details like Monica and Chandler’s wedding photograph and the placement of magazines, the recreation nails every detail. And it’s […]

Intricacy Rules The World In These Paper Illustrations

Russian graphic designer and artist Yulia Brodskaya cuts and shapes paper with such efficiency and intricacy that the resulting illustrations take a strong grip on the attention of the viewer. The little curls that make the illustrations are quite pretty by themselves, and the illustrations that they make are as pretty as their components.

Underwater Reefs and Landscapes Crafted on Paper

Connecticut-based artist Amy Eisenfeld Genser recreates coral reefs using bits of paper and acrylic paint. The artist uses paper “almost as a pigment” using layers of color one on top of the other to achieve different colors. We love how colorful the result is. Her works will be on exhibition at Architectural Digest Home Show.

Realistic Object Sculptures Are Just Paper

We are well aware that papercraft usually does not lead to the creation of objects that look very real. Thankfully, Los Angeles based artist Vincent Tomczyk was not aware of the said adage, or was all too well aware of the challenge. The artist has created several sculptures of everyday objects, all that look very […]

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