Sailor Moon and Sailor Scouts Dress Up as the Avengers

Sailor Moon and Sailor Scouts get to the job of being the Earth’s mightiest superheroes in these illustrations by Jei Shepard.

Realistic Eye Drawings Made With Color Pencils

Artist Redosking draws beautifully detailed and very realistic eyes. The drawings are done with color pencils, assisted by a white gel pen.

Dotted Hand Lettering and Illustrations by Xavier Casalta

French graphic designer and artist Xavier Casalta works with hand lettering and illustrations. One of the highlights is the use of dots for shading and effect. It requires immense patience, the dots require a lot of work and attention, and aren’t that easy to handle. Several of these are available on the artist’s shop.

Disney Stars as The Walking Dead Killers

Zombies fear Disney stars. They don’t just kill by sunshine and adorable looks, when it gets down to business, they are pretty scary hunters of the undead. Just look at them enjoying the kill in these illustrations by Kasami-Senei. Don’t be fooled by their appearances, they are absolutely heartless psychopathic killing machines, who seem to […]

Drug Addict ’90s Cartoons Are Terrifying

Cartoons we so adored in the ’90s are now past their prime. Sure, we may miss them and remember them with nostalgia, but the characters are mostly out of work. With that kind of fall comes the trouble of addiction, and it seems several of the favorites didn’t quite well manage their climb down from […]

Iconic Movie Cars Reimagined as Transformers

Artist Darren Rawlings has created a series where popular cars are reimagined as Transformers, another favorite in the automobile/giant robot genre. The illustrations are part of a series named If They Could Transform and present beloved, non-Transformer cars in their Transformer avatars. And we got to say, most of these transformations keep their badass characteristics […]

Obey Khaleesi

Inspired by Game of Thrones, this propaganda poster styled illustration lets you know the easiest thing to do: Obey Khaleesi. The illustration by Tom Trager is available as prints, tees, or phone cases on RedBubble.

Street Wear Superheroines

Illustrator Mingjue Helen Chen imagines the appearance of several female comic characters, if their clothing was more street wear. The characters retain much of their original style and clothing, but receive touches and turns by the artist to get a more casual clothing/street wear look.

Disney Princesses Styled as Game of Thrones Ladies

Disney Princesses habitually show a lot less skin than the ladies in Game of Thrones, but then the princesses don’t live in a world as cruel as Westeros. Illustrator Sam Tsui illustrated thirteen Disney characters and princesses as women from A Song of Ice and Fire. It’s just about a month before Game of Thrones […]

Humorous Illustrations by Nacho Diaz

Illustrator Nacho Diaz has a series of humorous and witty illustrations that are a treat to behold. Hit ahead to checkout some of the illustrations. You can get the illustrations as prints and T-shirts on RedBubble.

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