Burgers Photographed in Glory and Excess of the ‘Fat and Furious’

Fast food outlets often advertise burgers as what they don’t really look like, and they still are beat by the legend that is the Fat & Furious burger. Created by French graphic designers Thomas and Quentin, the set shows very fat burgers packed with deliciousness and added with touches of photographic ingenuity to look better. […]

Banana Graffiti by Marta Grossi

Banana skins are like the hot new place for art and thought. Hong Kong based art director Marta Grossi‘s graffiti on bananas includes not just creating designs on bananas, but often adorning them with glitter or colors to add to their look. The artist finds bananas as a simple and unique canvas, well suited for […]

Fruits and Vegetables Carved Set the Tone for Halloween

These well detailed, impressive and spooky fruit and vegetable carvings are just what the Halloween spirit needs. All these veggies and fruits have been sculpted to perfection by artist Shawn Feeney.

Monster Birthday Cake

This fun looking Monsters birthday cake has Mike Wazowski sitting on what looks like a cushion resembling Sullivan’s fur. It was made by CakeCentral member JulzyCakes. via

Ground Meat Shaped Into Geeky Characters

Meat section at the Uwajimaya Asian food market in Seattle is populated with geeky shaped characters formed out of the meat. Manager of the section Kieran Gormley spends a bit of his time sculpting the shapeless ground beef into various characters from Star Wars, Totoro, Dragon Ball Z, puppets, and video game inspired characters. Gormley […]

Watch the Magical Process of Jelly Being Made, Molded and Blasted [video]

The video delves into the process of making jelly from pouring liquids to melting gelatin, stirring and finally placing it to be molded into three traditional architectures. As the crescendo approaches, the blocks of jelly fly off in pieces and explosions.

Food Printer Turns Drawings Into Three Dimensional Delicacies

Potential of 3D printers is huge. As they get out of their infancy, the ideas and uses associated with them keep growing at the same pace. This food printer concept is an entry to a competition by the Electrolux Design Lab. Atomium concept by Brazilian designer Luiza Silva strives to bring 3D printing to the […]

Food Made Cute Fun for Kids

Like the vast majority of people to have ever existed on this planet, Kellie Strickland was stuck with the age old dilemma of how do you make kids eat food? The answer was in the form of these cute foodscapes that are fairly simple, yet look fun enough to encourage children to eat their meals.

Cakes Made to Look Like Other Foods

Testing times come when you should be eating proper food but all you really want to eat is cake. This won’t solve the problem, but it will make the decision a hell lot easier. Based in London, Louise Caola creates picture perfect cakes that mimic the appearance of some other food. There’s McDonald’s burgers, french […]

Canned and Flavored Bugs To Tickle Your Taste Buds

Ever thought of getting a gourmet on with bugs? Well, here’s something to get you started. Edible Bugs Gift Pack has a set of seven bugs in cans. In case you have the stomach for them, the bugs (and related flavors) are Bacon & Cheese Grasshoppers, BBQ Bamboo Worms, Nori Seaweed Armor Tail Scorpions, Salted […]

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