Burgers Photographed in Glory and Excess of the ‘Fat and Furious’

Fast food outlets often advertise burgers as what they don’t really look like, and they still are beat by the legend that is the Fat & Furious burger. Created by French graphic designers Thomas and Quentin, the set shows very fat burgers packed with deliciousness and added with touches of photographic ingenuity to look better. Influenced by areas as diverse as pop culture, history and religion, the duo presented the burgers in several different settings and forms, which makes the set all the more enticing.

Banana Graffiti by Marta Grossi

Banana skins are like the hot new place for art and thought. Hong Kong based art director Marta Grossi‘s graffiti on bananas includes not just creating designs on bananas, but often adorning them with glitter or colors to add to their look. The artist finds bananas as a simple and unique canvas, well suited for these temporary installations to be photographed before being consumed.

Ground Meat Shaped Into Geeky Characters

Meat section at the Uwajimaya Asian food market in Seattle is populated with geeky shaped characters formed out of the meat. Manager of the section Kieran Gormley spends a bit of his time sculpting the shapeless ground beef into various characters from Star Wars, Totoro, Dragon Ball Z, puppets, and video game inspired characters. Gormley takes fresh meat from the grinder and uses his hands and knife to carve and sculpt it into the desired shape.