Coming Up: Gigantic Attack on Titan Burger

Following the line of the famous anime Attack on Titan, Japanese burger chain Lotteria is all set to release a ¥2,000 ($20) burger named 10m-kyu Shingeki no Kyojin Hoshoku Set (translated to: Predatory Set for Titan as big as 10-meter high). The gigantic burger will be accompanied by ¥1,600 ($16) french fries combo called “Cho Ogata! Sasha no Imo-musume Se” (Supersize! Sasha’s Potato Girl Set).

Hand Guide for Food Measurement and Portion Control

There are plenty of recommended measurements for food portions, but it is not exactly easy to follow them through simply because there is no easy way to keep all the measuring tools close. You can though always have your hand handy and use it to make very good approximations of how much your portion and serving should be. This image by GuardYourHealth serves as a simple guide for some basic measurements, including a cup, tablespoon, and teaspoon; all in your hand.

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