Weeping Angel Mask

The weeping angels are the scariest of Doctor Who antagonists. There are Daleks and Cybermen, but they can hardly compare with the sheer terror of being taken out in the blink of an eye. I’d say Blink ranks pretty close to the best episodes of the new Doctor Who series. That, and The Empty Child. […]

Tardis Onesie

Doctor Who Tardis zip-up footed pajamas with removable feet, and made of polyester. Available on Amazon for $38 to $46.

Crochet ‘My Little Dalek’ Stand for the Magic of Friendship, and Extermination

My Little Dalek are all about the magic of friendship and extermination, probably not in the same order. The cute crochet Daleks with a hint of My Little Pony are the work of artist Country-Geek-Crochet.

Doctor Who Christmas Special [extended trailer]

Doctor Who Christmas Special will mark the last appearance of Matt Smith as the Doctor.

Life-Sized Dalek Wedding Cakes

Exterminate you say? That you shall be, Daleks; you will be devoured. These life-sized Daleks are excellent wedding cakes built by UK based Dinkydoodle Designs. We especially like the hat and veil touch on the Daleks.

Doctor Who Characters In The Style of Tim Burton

Australian artist and illustrator Michael Kenny has created a set of illustrations that represent Doctor Who characters as they would have looked under the art and style influence of Tim Burton. The set is mostly the doctors, but Clara gets an appearance as well.

Doctor Who 10th Doctor’s Coat

An officially licensed replica of David Tennant’s coat, this one is made of high quality wool blend fabric so it is more than just a prop, and actually wearable as a coat. Costs $330.

10th Doctor Costume Pajama Set

It would be best for the Doctor, like Barney Stinson to always be ready for when the opportunity presents itself. 10th Doctor Costume Pajama Set makes sure the time lord isn’t caught off guard at the wrong time, especially when looking fabulous is one of the key requirements of the job. Costs $40. via

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Trailer

The Doctor is turning 50, and there’s a hot new trailer for The Day of the Doctor that celebrates the last 50 years of the show.

Daleks Invasion Earth: 2150 Poster

Daleks Invasion Earth: 2150 poster was created by Orlando Arocena on commission from UnderTheFloorboards. Via Geek-Art

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