Laptops and Desktops Come in Harmonious Union in New Concept

Laptops are great for portable use, often chosen at the expense of desktops, which happen to promise greater comfort of use. Portable devices have grown greatly, though it is too early to discount the venerable desktop. U.DTR (Ultra Desktop Replacement) by Marin Myftiu is a concept that tries to bring laptops and desktops into one harmonious union by taking the best of both.

Apple Throws Design Convention Out the Window For The Powerful New Mac Pro

Thinking of laptops and notebooks, even computers in general, we have a very similar shape come to our mind. Mainly because that is how these gadgets have been forever. For its new Mac Pro, Apple gave that age old design a solid turn, making one that is not just unusual, but manages to wed form with function. The new Mac Pro is cylindrical.

The Workstation of Luxurious Computing

It’s called Emperor, and the way we see it, this workstation has every claim to that title. Emperor 1510LX by MWE Lab has a retractable monitor stand that can hold five monitors, three 27-inch ones and two 19-inchers, a reclining seat with thigh rests, Bose surround sound system, Italian upholstery and the appearance of having zoomed in right from the future.

AquariusPC Runs Submerged in an Aquarium

Talk about a super cooled PC, the Aquarius always runs chilled. We guess that may be because these custom made computers spend their lives under water, which also eliminates the need of a fan. The pieces follow the looks of some of the best known tropical destinations like Miami, Bali and Marrakech. Each with its own set of specialties and some kick ass configurations. Aquarius PCs Aquarius PCs are the work of Francesco Hofer. Bali and Miami models are priced at $599, while the Marakech trip is slightly cheaper at $532.

Luvbook S, the Notebook for Hello Kitty Lovers

Say what you will, but there is not dearth for people willing to buy Hello Kitty merchandise. Banking on the same feel and market, Mouse Computer Japan has come up with a Hello Kitty notebook. The cute looks are no indicators of the performance though, the notebook has an Intel Core i3-2330M at its heart, with an 11.6” (1366×768) screen, an Intel HD 3000 graphics, 500GB of HDD, 4GB of RAM, Bluetooth 3.0, SDXC, HDMI, USB 3.0, Wi-Fi, and a weight of 1.5 kilos. Priced at 69,930 Yen ($897).

Transparent Iris Tablet PC Concept

The astounding growth of tablet computers means we are going to see a few plays with the design, at least as concepts if not in real products. Designed by Liu-Wei, Yao Kai-Chi, Hong Ruei-Hong and Cheng Ya-Fang, the Iris tablet PC is decked with a transparent touchpad with an OLED display. The concept tablet can charge wirelessly, scan documents, translate texts and work as an efficient navigator. Oh and seeing how it works, it might make the AR experience pretty strong.

HAF X Mini Bike Casemod

A computer casemod that you can ride, and perhaps very good company for the Scooterputer. HAF X Mini Bike casemod doesn’t have the frills, you can simply call it a computer sitting on the mini bike. But it does take skill to make one of those. The system is an Intel Core i5 CPU, and a 4GB GeForce GTX460 graphics card, running on a Mini-ITX mobo, alongwith a 300GB SSD. The minibike is a 2-stroke engine that can reach 40mph, which probably makes it faster than nearly all computers on the planet.

Via technabob