Prescription Coffee Mug

Your dose of coffee is important, let it reflect its importance with the prescription coffee mug. Costs $10. via

Creamer Meets Coffee In Super Slow Motion

Having seen several videos from Modernist Cuisine earlier, we’re not so happy about having missed this one. This video talks of the physics of coffee and creamer, and of course, presents it in super slow-motion style. We especially like the “storm in the tea cup” imagery that presents itself as the creamer hits the coffee, […]

Beer Vs Coffee

Here’s your guide to when you should reach for that mug of beer, or the cup of coffee. Surprisingly enough, the answer is not always.

Handpresso Answers to Your Car Coffee Ritual

Handpresso is a little coffee maker built for your car. Providing you not only with your dose of caffeine in the car, but some pretty time savings for the daily commute. It fits in your car’s cup holder and uses 16 bars of pressure to crank out your coffee, while drawing power from the car’s […]

Wolf Latte Art, Just the Way Starks Like Their Coffee

There has been some sweet latte art, and there has been good Game of Thrones art, but what we haven’t seen yet is Game of Thrones inspired latte art. This well made wolf latte art made me think Game of Thrones house sigils would look wicked on latte. Via

Starbucks Tells The Story of Its Coffee and Coffee Beans in Reverse [video]

Hongkong based art agency worked with creative director Rogier Wieland to make this video commissioned by Starbucks. The reverse storytelling begins, or rather “ends” with a cup of coffee being provided to a customer, and then goes to how the coffee is sourced, the beans roasted and the chains relation to the coffee plantations.

Mindblowing 3D Latte Art

Latte art is a thing to be loved. When it gets this good, you can’t stop loving it. The latte art of Kazuki Yamamoto goes in three dimensions, topping the coffee with lovely figures made out of confectionery that also add taste to your latte, just like you’d want them to.

Cheat Sheet for Espresso Inspired Beverages

This chart is your guide to creating 23 delicious drinks based on the Espresso, or as Pop Chart Lab calls it, ” a world tour of the purest form of coffee.” For the coffee lover in you, this chart just might be a quick way to decide your choice of drink and get brewing. Costs […]

Classy Steampunk Style Coffee Maker

Simple, decent design never loses its inherent goodness and desirability. Alpha Dominche has come up with a simple, sleek and decent looking Steampunk Coffee and Tea Brewer. This one can make up to four cups of coffee simultaneously and an average of 60 to 80 cups an hour.

The Fine Art of Coffee Portraiture

Barista Mike Breach starterd experimenting with small coffee and milk foam portraits in a hotel where he works. Eventually, his skill increased and more achievements were unlocked. He draws the portraits quick and tidy and with a skill that brings a smile to the face of the consumers.

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