Forest Landscape Made From 139,000 Cigarette Butts

Americans smoke 139,000 cigarettes every 15 seconds, and that is the number artist Chris Jordan chose to represent this scene of a forest landscape. Cigarette butts are one of the top littered items across the USA, and they have a vast number of chemicals in addition to being bio non-degradable. Title Toxic Forest, the project was commissioned by healthcare non-profit Legacy. For the creation of the landscape, Chris collected several hundred cigarette butts from Austin and his native Seattle, and then digitally manipulated the image to create the landscape and reach the 139,000 butts figure.

Ludicrous Vintage Ads Tell You All the (Wrong) Benefits of Smoking

Smoking is bad today, but when it was at its height, it was even worse. For a long time, we did not understand the health hazards of smoking and it was advertised as something cool, awesome, beneficial and even healthy! Even when the bad effects of smoking were better understood, it took quite a while before the claims of health could be fully removed from advertising. Hell, they even got a US President to endorse cigarettes!

Video Game Themed Cigarettes Show Hearts (and Life) Disappearing

Concept cigarettes from designer German Ljutaev come with a neat video game reference. Each cigarette has a number of hearts printed on the side that go out as they are smoked, finally coming to the end with a “Continue Y/N” sign. It’s a neat design, except we see sacrilege where he throws in the Mario reference. That game had no hearts.