Photographer takes 100,000 shots to capture smoke just right

German photographer Thomas Herbrich setup a high speed camera to capture images of smoke emanating from a cigarette. The cigarette was placed on a tripod, and the camera set to capture at 1/10,000 frames per second. As the smoke from the cigarette traveled through the air, the camera captured shots, showing the smoke forming various […]

Forest Landscape Made From 139,000 Cigarette Butts

Americans smoke 139,000 cigarettes every 15 seconds, and that is the number artist Chris Jordan chose to represent this scene of a forest landscape. Cigarette butts are one of the top littered items across the USA, and they have a vast number of chemicals in addition to being bio non-degradable. Title Toxic Forest, the project […]

WTF Just Doesn’t Cut It: 24K Gold Rolling Paper

You can be ridiculous, but the tough job is being 24 karats of pure ridiculous. This 24k gold rolling paper will take care of the latter for you. This edible smoking paper is made from 24K gold so you can light up and smoke your cigarette in style. Set of 12 costs $60.

Ludicrous Vintage Ads Tell You All the (Wrong) Benefits of Smoking

Smoking is bad today, but when it was at its height, it was even worse. For a long time, we did not understand the health hazards of smoking and it was advertised as something cool, awesome, beneficial and even healthy! Even when the bad effects of smoking were better understood, it took quite a while […]

Fighter Jets Made Out of Cigarette Packs

Bad habits are bad, but you ought to deserve some redemption if something good comes out of it. These cigarette pack fighter jets look pretty cool. Some of them even have cigarette sidearms. Remember folks, smoking is bad for you.

Video Game Themed Cigarettes Show Hearts (and Life) Disappearing

Concept cigarettes from designer German Ljutaev come with a neat video game reference. Each cigarette has a number of hearts printed on the side that go out as they are smoked, finally coming to the end with a “Continue Y/N” sign. It’s a neat design, except we see sacrilege where he throws in the Mario […]

Campaign Shows the Bright Side of Quitting Smoking

This isn’t the usual scarevertising we see when campaigns to quit cigarette smoking go afoot, and that is one reason we can appreciate this. Created by advertising agency Iris, the campaign shows images of numerous things you could do if you kick the butt.

Giant Uses Trafalgar Square as an Ashtray

So it appears a giant passed over London, using the Trafalgar Square as an ashtray to put out his cigarette. The giant cigarette butt was intended was an installation in a campaign against litter. The campaign ran in 2008.

Glamour Shots of Smoking Kids

Kids, they look so cute doing things. Apart from the times they’re making noise, or messing our stuff, or crying, or running around like crazy little people, or getting on my lawn. *Get of my lawn* Even so, smoking kids look all the more unsettling than the snootiest child on the block.

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